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As COVID-19 continues, many airlines or countries ask for proof of COVID-19 clearance within a specific timeframe or window. With FlyClear™ by LifeLabs®, you will receive your results within 48 hours*, allowing you to travel with peace of mind

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, LifeLabs® has been helping ensure safe travels for all those taking essential trips—making them both experts on travelling during a pandemic and a trusted partner for those who have flights to board. As you plan your trips this fall and into the future, travel with assurance knowing that LifeLabs® has your health and safety in mind.
Here are some must-know tips for travelling during the pandemic:

Get tested before your flight

As COVID-19 continues, many airlines or countries will be asking for proof of a negative COVID-19 test within a specific time frame before travel. FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® makes this an easy process by offering both pre-departure and on-arrival testing.

FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is for anyone travelling into a country with a mandatory testing requirement that includes proof of either a negative COVID-19 swab test, Antibody test, or both.

Some destinations specify a time window between getting tested for COVID-19 and your flight (i.e. within 72 hours of boarding). With FlyClear™, you can order a COVID-19 swab and Antibody test online, get tested, and receive your test results within 48 hours via email, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

LifeLabs® has partnered with several Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Ontario and B.C. for COVID-19 PCR test availability. This year, LifeLabs® has opened two flagship locations for pre-departure testing: a location on Russ Baker Way on Sea Island, near Vancouver International Airport, and a new COVID-19 testing location at 30 International Blvd. near Toronto Pearson International Airport. Passengers booking their tests at either of these locations will receive results within 24-48 hours, with 90 percent of results being provided within 24 hours.

With travel testing requirements constantly changing, offering travellers a variety of different testing options with faster turnaround times is key to ensuring a smooth travel experience.

That’s why FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® offers detailed time frames for receiving the results for each testing option.

  • COVID-19 PCR/NAAT—Results in 24-48 hrs
  • Rush 12h NAAT—Results in 12hrs
  • Rapid Antigen Screening—Results in 1-2 hrs

To determine which testing services are available at the location closest to you, please visit lifelabs.com/flyclear/predeparture

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Have hand sanitizer and masks on hand

Airports and airplanes are full of commonly touched surfaces, from door handles to luggage bins to convenience store snacks. While hygiene measures are in place for everyone’s safety, it’s always best to carry hand sanitizer and apply it after touching any common surfaces.

As well, make sure that you wear a mask while in the airport and on the aircraft. While most airlines require mask-wearing, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when you’re eating or drinking. For your safety and that of your fellow travellers, it’s best to wear a mask as much as possible.

Know what the guidelines are

Some countries have specific timelines for when you need to be tested, relative to when your flight is. You can use the online calculator on the FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® website to determine when you need to be tested, according to the guidelines of the country you’re travelling to.

As well, some destinations require on-arrival testing. FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is proud to work alongside the Government of Canada, Vancouver International Airport, and Public Health authorities to provide convenient and efficient COVID-19 testing at no cost to eligible international travellers arriving into Canada by air in British Columbia and through land borders in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon.

Find out more about FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® at lifelabs.com/flyclear/predeparture

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FlyClear™ by LifeLabs® is proud to offer pre-departure testing services for anyone needing to travel.


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