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Photo © by Steve Chindgren and Mark Adam/Falconry Fund 

Falconry is the ultimate bond with nature. The cornerstones of the Falconry Fund are to Protect, Preserve, Educate, and Communicate. In 2016, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inscribed falconry as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. UNESCO also recognized falconry as a “living human heritage” under the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, a major development in ongoing efforts to protect falconry’s future.

The Falconry Fund was created to support ongoing efforts to protect and celebrate the practice of falconry, including fostering young people in taking up the practice. Activities and initiatives that educate and enlighten the public about the art and practice of falconry are crucial to its present and historical practice.

Photo © by Steve Chindgren and Mark Adam/Falconry Fund 
Photo © by Steve Chindgren and Mark Adam/Falconry Fund 
Photo © by Steve Chindgren and Mark Adam/Falconry Fund 

In 2021, the Falconry Fund proposes to start the process of building the North American Falconry and Conservation Center. We envision a 15,000 square foot center located on 1,000 acres in either South Dakota or Nebraska, USA. Total cost $8M. The facility will provide the organization with a hub in which to complete its mission of conservation, preservation, and education. The facility would serve as a physical anchor for our educational outreach as well as on-site public programs. We envision co-operative agreements with university students studying in conservation or renewable resources. The site would act as a preserve where habitat that benefits native plant and animal species could not only be studied but replicated in other states.

The future of falconry depends on the diversity of nature! Falconers support modern wildlife conservation and biological research, including recent efforts to confront threats to raptor populations and their critical habitats, and reducing electrocution threats to saker falcons in Mongolia and golden eagles in North America. With your help, we can improve the protection of wild raptors, quarry species, and their habitats.

Help us make this dream come true. Discover more about the Falconry Fund by visiting us at www.Falconryfund.org

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The richness and diversity of wild nature, upon which the future of falconry depends, faces new threats and challenges daily.


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