Adjoa Andoh Narrates BBC Earth’s Latest Landmark Series, Serengeti III

© John Downer Productions Ltd

The real-life animal drama captures the love and loss, jealousy and rivalry, tragedy and triumph of the beloved cast of characters living in the Serengeti

Actor and Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh narrates Serengeti III, following the success of Serengeti I and II. The new six-part series is directed by Emmy® award-winning director and producer John Downer.

Serengeti III follows the next chapter in the story of the animals as they navigate the highs and lows of life on the savannah. As an enormous fire rages across the plains, all the animals must flee or seek shelter, but who will survive? In the apocalyptic wasteland left behind, Bakari the baboon, Kali the lioness, and Mzuri the leopardess must draw upon all their resources to stay alive. Familiar characters are joined by new cast members, such as Utani the hapless mongoose babysitter and Mafuta the adorable baby hippo.

New episodes of Serengeti III rollout every Sunday on BBC Earth during the channel’s nationwide free preview event. BBC Earth is also available via Prime Video Channels with Serengeti III available to stream simultaneously.

“The thing I was most struck by is the relationship between these groups of animals. When they are threatened from the outside, wow! Even the smallest creatures can bind together and fight off a potential threat. And I find that incredibly moving. And I really hope the series touches people in a way that makes them reflect on how we treat nature. It really touched me and it’s also just tremendous to watch,” says Andoh, explaining why she was drawn to the project.

Adjoa Andoh © Suki Dhanda
© John Downer Productions Ltd

Director John Downer adds: “I am delighted that Adjoa has been able to lend the clarity and warmth of her beautiful voice to Serengeti III and the story it tells. In each series, the camera teams capture astonishing behaviour from inside the animal world. This time our animal characters surprised us once again in ways I could never have imagined. I always wanted it to be the animals’ story, about the intimacy of their family lives, their relationships and how their way of life speaks to us. This time, above all else, it seems they had something important to tell.”

Serengeti III captures the unimaginable beauty of Africa, whilst highlighting the daily challenges of life in the Serengeti using multi-camera viewpoints and new immersive filming techniques. Over 1,000 filming days were used to capture the extraordinary behaviour that lies at the heart of this series as it brings together our favourite animal cast in a dramatic tale of survival, heartbreak and redemption.

The finale of Serengeti III airs Sunday, April 23 during the channel’s highly-anticipated Earth Week programming event, happening April 17-23. BBC Earth’s Earth Week event features a collection of landmark series narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, Adjoa Andoh and Professor Brian Cox. The channel is in free preview until April 30.

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