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Angels of Flight Canada: Only one call for medical flight and health care facility coordination

Imagine being informed that a close family member has been suddenly rushed to hospital and needs you to get them home. This isn’t some random phone scam; this is a legitimate, urgent healthcare situation that requires you to step in and transport a bedridden hospital patient. Would you know who to call? What if your loved one was in a hospital across the country…or on the other side of the world? Would you even know where to begin? Most people wouldn’t. Angels of Flight Canada does.

Founded in 1988 in Peterborough, Ontario, Angels of Flight Canada Inc. specializes in the movement of ill and injured persons around the world. A fully Canadian-owned and operated healthcare company, Angels of Flight Canada has built up a global network of industry specialists that enables them to provide total medical flight case management, air ambulance, airline/air charter medical escorts, as well as global air medical and safety education, training and healthcare development consulting services. Angels of Flight Canada operates around the clock, 24/7, to provide clients, patients, families, and case managers with a single, reliable point of contact.

In 1986, Angels of Flight Canada was introduced to emergency flights in Canada as Intensive Care and Emergency Room Registered Nurses providing critical nursing care in Ministry of Health-operated air ambulances. These nurses’ experience and air medical certification at Seneca College led to pioneering the specialization of medical evacuation, both in Canada and around the world. Today, Angels of Flight Canada’s nurses continue to receive specialized education in air medicine and flight safety programs developed more than 35 years ago by their own flight nurse leaders and aviation specialists. As information and requirements change, so do the programs. Continuous learning is a requirement for all Angels of Flight Canada medical teams.

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Angels of Flight Canada can be trusted to act as a one-stop health hub, coordinating with healthcare facilities, airlines, medical units, air ambulances, ground transport services, embassies and consulates—everything needed to make a medical flight possible.

Families dropped in this stressful predicament often become overwhelmed by the complicated process, reams of paperwork, language barriers, logistical challenges, and of course, the staggering costs—just one full-service air ambulance flight can cost as much as a modest home! Angels of Flight Canada can offer access to potential, independent financial assistance options if required.

Besides delivering loved ones home safely and efficiently, Angels of Flight Canada is committed to reducing Stranded Patient Syndrome (SPS): patients well enough to leave the hospital but who are stranded due to the lack of medical transportation. Many stranded patients have suitable accommodations waiting for them, complete with family support, if they could just get home. By calling Angels of Flight Canada, they could. With each patient moved home, one more hospital bed is opened up for the next person in need.

The vast majority of Canadians will never require the services of Angels of Flight Canada. That’s a good thing. However, if the unforeseen does occur, let Angels of Flight Canada coordinate every detail—from beds and transportation to medical support, from door to door.

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Angels of Flight Canada’s team works with the client, the sending and receiving healthcare facilities, airline & their medical unit, air ambulance, ground transport services, embassies and consulates to coordinate everything needed to make a medical flight possible including access to potential financial options if needed.


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