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Dale and Linda Bolton, founders of Thrive and Natural Calm Canada © Photo Courtesy of Natural Calm Canada

When you make Natural Calm magnesium a part of your daily routine, you’re not only changing your life for the better, you’re helping change thousands more.

Kids and adults need magnesium for life essentials: managing stress, mood, sleep, and even relief from pain. The supplement is known to benefit people struggling with anxiety and depression, and it has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Food ≠ Equal Nutrition

Two billion people—including 33 percent of children—aren’t getting enough life-giving nutrients to reach their full potential and fight disease. The problem is hidden hunger—a chronic lack of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients only whole foods can deliver. Hidden hunger shows up when the priority is to get food in bellies, and nutrition means meal after meal of processed, white grains and corn.

How does Thrive tackle hidden hunger? Simply, through Life Gardens.

Thrive trains and equips people to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods and medicinal plants. With knowledge, simple tools, and starter seeds, people who can’t afford healthy food can grow their own—sustainably.

They call these projects Life Gardens because growing health is the first step to a thriving life.

Through their Life Gardens, Thrive has made a difference for countless people in Africa—providing them with healthy fruits and vegetables, nutrients, and the power to overcome illness.

A Life Garden is a term unique to Thrive for Good, which refers to an organic, bio-intensive garden cultivated to grow nutrient-dense foods and natural medicinal plants. Each Life Garden provides 40 community members with harvests, 105 healthy and nutritious meals each day, the value of food produced each year, and so much more.

Field Stories

Collins: “Before I came to Thrive, I used to suffer a lot from typhoid and malaria. Once I learned about healthy foods and natural medicine, I changed my eating style. Since then, I have not had to go to the hospital again. Eating a variety of vegetables and greens has strengthened my immune system. I am thankful that I am now a Thrive trainer and can share this knowledge that changed my life.”

Elizabeth: “The health of my family has been changed by learning how to make food our medicine. We make our own smoothies, eat raw vegetables and sell surplus, which has enabled us to sustain our living fully. Our garden has also attracted our neighbours, and the healing is spreading to our community!”

Thrive on Kilimanjaro

To raise money for Thrive Gardens, the Natural Calm team climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise $500,000 to plant 5,000 gardens.

The climb was led by the founder of Thrive and Natural Calm Canada co-founder Dale Bolton and Chad Shears. Chad took on the challenge of climbing Africa’s tallest mountain while his colleagues participated in a virtual climb from home and assisted in fundraising efforts.

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Thrive is spreading a naturally contagious model for growing health, organically. We train and equip communities to create Life Gardens, so they can step out of poverty and teach others to do the same.


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