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The future of Canada is dependent on the well-being and prosperity of its Indigenous communities. As the youngest and fastest-growing group in Canada, we need to work together for the strength and future of Canada. However, many of these communities face significant challenges, including limited access to basic necessities such as clean drinking water, adequate housing, and sustainable food systems.

One of the biggest obstacles to addressing these issues is often the need for more local capacity. That’s where the Global Indigenous Development Trust (GIDT) and its Champions of Change program come in.

Champions of Change, a part of the GIDT Leadership School, is a certified program that provides Indigenous leaders and community builders with the skills, knowledge, green technologies, and networks to be the drivers of meaningful change in their communities, all founded on values of working for community and ecosystem well-being. Through the program and its Indigenous-to-Indigenous mentoring, participants gain access to the best and brightest ideas, innovations, and processes globally for long-term successful community development locally across Canada. “It is like an MBA of Indigenous leadership where you leave with all the tools you need to be successful,” said Sonia Molodecky, GIDT’s President.

The program covers everything from economic development structures, good governance, environmental management, negotiation and partnerships to sustainable food systems, clean energy and water, and sustainable housing, to personal empowerment, confidence building and communication skills.

The experienced instructors act as teachers, coaches, and mentors to help bring participants’ visions to life, creating an understanding of the Community Re-Building process and the role youth can play in our communities’ journey back to prosperity. The inspiration goes far beyond the classroom setting, too—Champions of Change includes virtual tours where youth can get inspired by global innovations in green technology and biomimicry that are creating new opportunities and evolving the business world.

© Courtesy of Global Indigenous Development Trust
But the Champions of Change program is more than just a 12-week program…

It is a community hub of wise practice that supports community leaders wherever they may be on their journey and gives them access to a wide range of resources for community-driven success on the ground.

As Elder Jerry Asp of the Tahltan Nation puts it, “We show people how to catch two fish—one to eat and the second to market and sell to create the basics of life that all other Canadians enjoy.” There is a world of opportunity waiting to be harnessed, and with the right support, our youth can feel empowered and ready to succeed.

By supporting the capacity building of community youth and leaders through the Champions of Change program, we can create meaningful change in Indigenous communities across Ontario and Canada. By providing access to the skills, tools, and resources needed for long-term success, we can help ensure that everyone has an opportunity to prosper. The future of Canada thrives for our children and future generations when we all thrive.

You can help support the GIDT Leadership School and make a real difference in the lives of Indigenous communities. By sponsoring a Champion of Change, you can help change the path of a community forever. 

Donations of land allow the program to reach more people. At GIDT, we believe in a healthy and prosperous Canada that celebrates the beauty of the woven tapestry that is our cultural diversity—our greatest strength. Join us in creating a better future for everyone.

To learn more about GIDT’s Leadership School and how you can support GIDT’s mission, visit and sign up for updates and opportunities to get involved at

Together, we can make a difference. Find GIDT on Instagram at @globalindigenoustrust.

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