Colombia’s Grand Return to Tourism

Top Image: Amazonas © Courtesy of ProColombia

By Raye Mocioiu

The world has reopened, but travel looks different than it did before the pandemic.

Today’s travellers are looking for vacations with heart and sustainable trips that positively impact the community and the environment. More than a trend, sustainability in tourism has led destinations across the globe to rethink what they can offer tourists in a way that puts the environment first. Destinations like Colombia, rich in natural and cultural wealth, have recognized that it’s possible to prioritize tourist enjoyment and sustainability.

Throughout the pandemic, Colombia has been working tirelessly to prepare for the return to tourism, and sustainability has been top of mind. The second most biodiverse country on the planet, and one of 12 countries in the world with a Sustainable Tourism Policy, Colombia’s grand return to travel brings together six regions, allowing travellers a unique opportunity to explore the biodiversity, culture, archeology, communities, authenticity, and legacy of this beautiful country.

The Greater Colombian Caribbean

More than golden sands and coral reefs, this must-visit destination is home to experiences and destinations rich in culture. Permanent snow, rainforests compassed by the sea, wind-shaped dunes, heritage towns, and exciting festivals are just a few of the fascinating and unforgettable things to do and see on your trip. Don’t miss visiting Cartagena de Indias, one of the most beautiful, well-preserved cities in the Americas.

The Colombian Pacific

Colombia’s best-kept secret lies in the Colombian Pacific, a mega-diverse ecosystem where wild jungles collide with the ocean, humpback whales make epic journeys to give birth in its waters, and sea turtles nest on its vast empty beaches. On the shores, visit the city of Cali, known for its ancestral heritage, delicious cuisine, and musical rhythms that are famed around the world.

© Courtesy of ProColombia

Colombian Western Andes

Experience the majestic beauty of coffee-scented mountains, extraordinarily colourful villages, exotic birds, and flower-filled valleys of the Colombian Western Andes. Colombia is the land of the coffee bean, so a visit to the Coffee Region’s Cultural Landscape, a proud UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must. See how coffee beans are prepared, take in the stunning landscapes, and visit Coffee Park, a theme park with attractions dedicated to this essential Colombian produce.

Colombian Eastern Andes

The historic Andes, home to peaks, moors, valleys, and natural parks is a can’t-miss destination for history lovers. Marvellous colonial towns, museums, and myths of lost kingdoms will transport you to a time of legends and unparalleled beauty.

© Courtesy of ProColombia

Colombian Amazon-Orinquia

The heart of Colombia is an immense mega-diverse region of ancient forests, colossal skies and thunderous rapids. Nature lovers will enjoy taking in the wild landscapes, biodiverse estuaries, as well as jungles that are unexplored by tourists and full of ancestral Indigenous knowledge and living cultures, which make the region what it is today.

Colombian Massif

Ancestral origins await in Colombian Massif’s mysterious moors, mountains, and volcanoes. The imprint of ancient civilizations is strongly felt in its archeological parks and the traditional knowledge of its Indigenous communities. End your trip with a visit to the historic and beautiful Popayán, known for its excellent cuisine and elegant white churches.

These six regions, carefully curated in a way that inspires wanderlust, provide the best of both worlds: an unforgettable experience and the knowledge that you’re leaving nothing behind but footprints in the sand.

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