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Corrections Policy

Global Heroes’ goal is to be accurate and balanced. We endeavour to be promptly responsive in correcting errors in materials published on all our mediums. While we strive to be error-free, mistakes can, will, and do happen.
The responsibility of a journalist is to minimize any possible chance for errors and admit and correct them when they do happen. As a news media organization, we uphold our journalistic standards, including accuracy, in all mediums. Our policy is to review each issue on a case-by-case basis immediately upon becoming aware of a potential error or need for clarification and to resolve it as quickly as possible.
In cases of typos, numerical, grammar, and minor factual corrections, we may simply update the post. There may be no need to note the change.
For corrections to or the addition of substantive facts that meaningfully change the story, a correction notice will most likely be placed at the end of the article after the story has been updated. This will usually involve an editor in addition to the reporter. Once the correction has been made, a notice of the correction should be sent to all mediums in which the article has been published.
If a significant error is found in an online article, photo caption, video, or other content, we will quickly post a revision on the story page and include a note explaining the alteration. If we correct a significant error in our print media, we will post a revision explaining the alteration in the next print issue.
This policy is not intended to cover minor factual errors, such as inconsequential statistical mistakes, inadvertent and immaterial misidentifications, minor inaccuracies in a developing story, or font errors, so long as they don’t impair the viewers’ understanding of a story. Errors that involve significant factual mistakes or material that alters the implication of the reporting will be corrected in a clear and timely manner.
Occasionally readers, sources, and/or former staff members may request a story to be retracted, changed, altered, removed, or “taken down” for various reasons. Our editorial department will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, unless the requested change meets the correction criteria noted above, these requests will not be honoured. If the editorial staff determines the request does indicate a factual mistake or correction is warranted, it will be handled in the same manner as other modifications described in this policy.
Each medium we utilize will implement this policy in a manner applicable to its medium.
Global Heroes welcomes complaints about errors that warrant correction. Messages about news coverage, letters to the Editor for publication, or if you have a correction you’d like to bring to the staff’s attention, you may use the form below.
Updated May 2022