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DōMatcha® is a 100 per cent authentic Japanese matcha brand and is one of the leading brands in North America that boasts a myriad of benefits. Matcha contains a combination of caffeine and L-theanine, an important amino acid that aids focus and relaxation. Green tea leaves account for the richest source of naturally occurring L-theanine. Matcha also contains a powerful punch of antioxidants called Catechins. Oxygen radical absorbance capacity, or the ORAC value, measures the antioxidant capacity in a nutrient or food product. DōMatcha® boasts an ORAC value of 1354/gram. To compare, kale has an ORAC value of 17.7 and blueberries 24 per gram.

DōMatcha® provides a fantastic alternative to coffee as matcha is alkalizing and non-acidic while supplying you with key nutrients needed to give you an extra boost throughout your day. DōMatcha® contains 25-35mg/g of caffeine, while coffee contains 80-120mg/g. As a result of the high caffeine levels found in coffee, energy spikes followed by a crash are common. However, matcha can provide a more continuous release of caffeine that maintains energy levels throughout your day.


DōMatcha® ensures only the purest leaves are used in their tea. The plants are shielded from sunlight for two to three weeks prior to harvest to boost chlorophyll and L-theanine content. Additionally, only the youngest and most tender leaves are harvested for DōMatcha®. Before production, rough fibres such as stems and veins of the leaves are removed. The leaves are then stone-ground to guarantee a smooth and delicious taste while preserving essential nutrients.

Not only does DōMatcha® exhibit a multitude of benefits, but they are also true to their historical and cultural roots. The DōMatcha® brand is backed by over 700 years of expertise. Kazunori Handa-San is a 16th-generation tea master who guides DōMatcha® production in Japan. DōMatcha® established a close relationship with the Handa Clan, renowned for their tea expertise, in 2005. The Handa Clan are highly respected and recognized tea masters whose history dates back 400 years.

Additionally, DōMatcha®’s supplier, based out of Uji, Kyoto, has proudly been in the business for over 300 years. In 2007, DōMatcha® was founded with the goal of bringing authentic Japanese Green Tea to international markets. In 2016 DōMatcha® was the first to introduce decaf matcha to markets outside Japan.

The DōMatcha® brand is owned by Andrews & George, who remains the parent company of Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd., DōMatcha’s distributor, retaining the legacy and close relationships Andrews & George has had with Japan for centuries.

Andrews & George Company Limited, celebrating its 130th year in business, was founded in 1892 as an import/export company in Japan by William H. Andrews and Edward W. George. Andrews & George became the first foreign-owned company to establish a business in Tokyo, Japan.

Andrews & George Company Limited has a long history of perseverance and resiliency that led the company to become an industry leader and accomplish many remarkable achievements over the past 130 years. Andrews & George paved the way for the creation of the DōMatcha® brand. A company that cherishes the same values and relationships today that was integral to the foundation of Andrews & George 130 years ago.

DōMatcha® has a variety of products that are sure to suit your needs. Try the DōMatcha® difference that comes from a rich history, commitment to quality, and centuries of expertise.

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Andrews & George Company Limited was founded in 1892 as an import/export company in Japan by William H. Andrews and Edward W. George. Andrews & George became the first foreign-owned company to establish a business in Tokyo, Japan, in 1892. 


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