When a Dog’s Potential Is Unleashed, So Is a Person’s


Photo © Courtesy of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

The difference that the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides (LFCDG) makes is truly profound. Mobility and independence, comfort and compassion, safety and security, opportunity and development.

“I suffer from drop attack seizures that can be quite scary. For the longest time I was very dependent on my mom for everyday things. My Seizure Response Dog Guide Snitch has given me so much more freedom. Now I can go downtown, visit my friends, go out—I have a safety net. Now my mom can sleep again!”—Nicole, Seizure Response Dog Guide recipient.

A Dog Guide empowers Canadians with disabilities to navigate their lives confidently and independently. It can be the difference between:

  • staying in and going out
  • being unemployed and having a job
  • taking risks and being safe
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Photo © Courtesy of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

1,100 Active Dog Guide teams across Canada

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides has been a pioneer from the very beginning. We’ve matched 3,200 Dog Guide teams since we graduated our first team in the
Canine Vision program in Oakville, Ontario, in 1985.

Today, LFCDG is the only school to train and match Dog Guides with clients across Canada in seven unique and distinct programs: Vision, Hearing, Service, Diabetic Alert, Seizure Response, Autism Assistance and Facility Support.

“Together, we are transforming the way people live by creating exceptional partnerships between people and Dog Guides,” said Bev Crandell, CEO of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. “Being matched with a specially trained Dog Guide is a key that can unlock the potential of people living with disabilities.”

We need your help!

Each Dog Guide costs approximately $35,000, yet is provided at no cost to eligible Canadians from coast to coast. The foundation relies on donations to provide these special matches and does not receive any government funding.

“With one in five Canadians living with a disability today, the need for our Dog Guides continues to grow,” added Crandell. “Dog Guides receive no government funding, so we are deeply grateful to our donors, volunteers, sponsors and Lions Clubs whose generosity and support help bring these special dogs and families together.”

Photo © Courtesy of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides
Photo © Courtesy of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides
Photo © Courtesy of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Building our Future to Serve More Canadians

The foundation does heroic work but is currently limited by its facilities. To reach its goal of training 250 Dog Guides a year, more and better spaces are required.

“We’re excited to build a new state-of-the-art facility,” said Crandell. “Our new school (targeted for opening in 2025) will allow us to train more dogs and, most importantly, help more people. The better the experience we provide for our Dog Guides and our clients, the bigger difference we can make.”

The new training school will be the first of its kind. It will house and train Dog Guides and host clients for training and matching with their new Dog Guide.

“Thank you, Kadence, for providing my daughter with laughter, companionship, strength, and courage,” said Andrea, mother of Autism Assistance Dog Guide recipient Bella. “But most of all, thank you for being a friend to our Bella.”

To donate and learn how you can unleash potential by being part of the difference: dogguides.com

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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides empowers Canadians living with disabilities to navigate their world with confidence and independence, by providing a Dog Guide at no cost and supporting them in their journey together.


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