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Not to alarm you, but winter is on its way. When the snow starts to fall, out come the salt trucks to provide extra traction on slippery winter surfaces. There’s just one problem: deicing salt is corrosive and harmful to our environment, our roads, and even our pets. Scientists are raising the alarm that salt run-off from the roads pollutes groundwater and soil, which impacts aquatic life, vegetation, trees, and water sources.

Earth Innovations believes that we must embrace not just environmentally “friendly” but also environmentally “beneficial” products, all year long. That’s why they created ecoTraction, a safety product used as an environmentally responsible alternative to salt and ice melters by providing instant traction on slippery winter surfaces.

Created in 2005, ecoTraction is made from a unique volcanic mineral that is safe for pets and can be used as a green alternative to ice melters. It is able to provide highly effective traction for pedestrians and vehicles without damaging property or the environment.

The naturally occurring volcanic mineral is a porous, relatively soft honeycomb-structured stone. This cage-like structure acts as a ‘sponge’ and makes it useful in all sorts of ways.

Each granule has microscopic channels that absorb the thin slippery layer of water found on ice, helping it to grip on ice & snow faster and better than any other products in its category. It has sharp micro edges, multiple contact points, and a rigid structure, making it the ultimate traction agent for slippery winter conditions.

ecoTraction keeps its spiny structure on ice and snow, lasting much longer than any ice melter to help prevent slips & falls. Unlike deicing salt, ecoTraction doesn’t melt away by leaching into the ground, which contaminates soil and groundwater. Instead, it crushes underfoot on hard surfaces, breaks down, and can be safely swept away onto lawns and gardens. While salt contaminates the soil and kills plants, ecoTraction retains and slowly releases nutrients and minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium to keep lawns healthy.

Among its many eco-friendly applications, this mineral can be used as an odour control product. Unlike traditional air fresheners that contain unhealthy chemicals, the Earth Innovations Inc. Smell Grabber is chemical-free and can naturally eliminate odours like mildew, pet odours, outhouses, and more.

Earth Innovations Inc is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable eco-products offering reduced environmental impacts and exceptional value. We must consume, reuse, and recycle products that take care of our planet, and make our world a better place for future generations.

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – David Brower

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ecoTraction is a green alternative to ice melters and road salt. It is an all-natural high-traction mineral and unlike salt, it is non-corrosive. It is safe to touch and is the safest product available, safe for new and old concrete, asphalt, vegetation, pets and the environment.


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