Get to Know The Real Campbell River


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Campbell River, or Wiwek’am, is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, within the traditional territory of the We Wai Kai and We Wai Kum First Nations in the Northern Strait of Georgia.

Sitting on the 50th parallel, it’s a city nestled in nature with five provincial parks bordering the region and Discovery Passage at the front door. With its mild year-round climate and abundant outdoor activities, Campbell River is an epicentre for outdoor experiences—whale watching, bear watching, kayaking, fishing, alpine hiking, skiing and a 28 km looping trail network that seamlessly joins city and nature together, through the forest and along the seashore.

Visitors connect with nature and are transformed by the accessibility of the ocean, quiet beaches, forests, friendly locals, and the river of its namesake, showcasing the biodiversity and life cycle of coastal ecosystems.

Make Travel Feel Good Again

Nature is a critical part of the Campbell River, a city with a long-standing connection to the natural environment. “Towards natural harmony” to Campbell River means a strong desire and intent to gain balance between what the people in Campbell River need and what is needed to protect the surrounding natural environment.

So many of our community members take “towards a natural harmony” to heart, asking the question: Is it the destination itself or is it the people that call it home that make a place worth experiencing? We believe the latter.

There are many organizations and people within Campbell River who are taking action to improve the quality of life and to protect the environment so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy it for generations to come. We invite you to get acquainted and actively get involved with Campbell River and experience nature off the grid.

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Where the Wild and Life Collide

Campbell River is the gathering place to celebrate the wild nature that recharges people who are looking for a personal and transformational experience. Visitors can kick back and enjoy the comforts of the city or challenge themselves to truly epic wilderness experiences; it’s a choose-your-own-adventure sort of place. There’s no wrong way to do it.

Campbell River is a place that invigorates people, brings them past the ordinary, and nudges them ever so slightly out of their comfort zone. No matter your ability or interests, there is something to be experienced by all.

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Slightly out of your Comfort Zone

The Campbell River experience is authentic. That word can be overused, but in Campbell River, it is entirely accurate. What you see is what you get, and the locals embrace this mentality. The people are real. The environment is real. The place is real. Campbell River could be said to be unexpected.

Getting out of your comfort zone could be interpreted as taking it one step further for no one else other than yourself, working up to a longer hike in Strathcona Park. It may not be the steepest and longest, but it’s something different, and it’s worth every minute. Whatever ways people choose to step outside of their comfort zone in Campbell River, there are always more adventures, sights, and experiences waiting in the wings.

© Courtesy of Discover Campbell River

The cold water diving is some of the best in the world, and Campbell River is considered one of the best drop zones in North America for sky diving. Salt and freshwater fishing are considered some of the most remarkable experiences on the coast due to the temperate weather, access, variety of species, and chance wildlife encounters.

As you plan your travels this year, consider stepping into a place where nature and life collide, where being in nature is personal and becoming a part of a community is real. Learn more

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From stress-free guided getaways to last minute self-drive adventures, our region has options for travellers of all ages and abilities. The oceanside communities of Campbell River and the Discovery Islands, and our nearby neighbours around the north-central Vancouver Island region, offer an endless menu of choices awaiting your exploration.


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