Giorgio Armani urges stars to rewear red carpet dresses

Armani One Night Only event held at SuperPier Featuring: Giorgio Armani Where: New York, NY, United States When: 24 Oct 2013 Credit: C.Smith/

The designer has vowed to up his sustainability efforts at his namesake fashion label.

Giorgio Armani has urged his celebrity clientele to rewear red carpet dresses, rather than opting for custom-made gowns.

The 86-year-old designer is keen for more to be done to increase sustainability in fashion, and wants famous faces to stop wearing opulent and extravagant creations just once.

Armani told WWD that he was “passionate” about overhauling the fashion industry to make it more eco-friendly, stating that he didn’t want to contribute further to the “very problematic climate”.

“It is mainly a matter of respect: for customers who should not be misled, for the planet that should not be destroyed, and for my own work, which should not be performed in a foolish way, taking away value from everything because of excess production and communication,” he shared.

“And in the circularity of thought, with a view to doing less and better, I also involve celebrities and red-carpet events: no more creations worn only once, with an enormous waste of skills and resources.”

The style stalwart said he wants to join forces with his fellow designers to make a pledge to create more ethical pieces, rather than “frivolous” custom-made gowns for one-off events.

“I welcome the clothes that are worn many times, and a new conscience,” Armani explained. “By means of all these coordinated actions, I think it is possible to re-establish value in the work of us designers, making it tangible and ethical, instead of merely frivolous, without ever relinquishing beauty.”

The veteran designer said his sustainability efforts at his namesake label were ongoing, and he has already reduced the amount of pieces in his collections, and ensured his Armani Exchange line is 40 per cent sustainable.


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