Give Real, Life-Saving Gifts to Children this Holiday Season



10-month-old Ubah is fed Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food by her mother at Dollow Health Centre in Somalia. © UNICEF/UN0644320/Fazel

2022 has not been an easy year for children. War, rise in hunger, the climate crisis and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to threaten the basic rights—and the future—of children globally. Their access to essential services like safe water, proper nutrition and education is being disrupted.

In Ukraine, nearly 1,000 children have been killed or injured since the war began. Over 5.5 million children remain in dire need. Continued drought in Somalia and parts of east Africa have pushed children and families to the brink of survival. In Somalia, a historic dry spell with a fifth dry rainy season has left an estimated 1.5 million children likely to be malnourished by the end of the year.

But behind every statistic is a real child and their family, like 10-month-old Ubah and her mother. This young girl experienced malnutrition due to the continued drought in Somalia. Thankfully, through the support of UNICEF, she received a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food called Plumpy’Nut® at a health centre. Plumpy’Nut is a life-saving, peanut-based food supplement that can help a malnourished child gain up to two pounds per week!

UNICEF is the world’s leading humanitarian organization focused on children, working in more than 190 countries to help children survive. This holiday season, you can help us reach more children like Ubah by giving a Survival Gift, while also honouring your loved ones with one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.

survival gifts
Five-year-old Emma, from Ukraine, plays with a UNICEF staff member at a Blue Dot hub at the Isaccea border crossing in Romania. © UNICEF/UN0622178/Holerga

Survival Gifts® are real, life-saving items shipped on your behalf to children in some of the world’s most difficult places to be a child.

There are more than 40 gifts to choose from. Your gift will be shipped directly from the largest humanitarian warehouse in the world to kids in need of immediate and long-term support.

And in thanks for your gift purchase, we’ll also send a special greeting card to the loved one you wish to honour.

Thanks to someone like you, Ubah received a Survival Gift of Plumpy’Nut Therapeutic Food, used to treat malnutrition, which helped her gain weight and energy quickly. But millions of children still need urgent help right now. Please consider giving today at

Plumpy’Nut® THERAPEUTIC FOOD - $14

Malnourished children need to gain weight fast. This life-saving, peanut-based food supplement
can help a child gain up to two pounds per week! This gift will provide 24 packets of protein-rich Plumpy’Nut to nourish eight children who are suffering from malnutrition.

10-month-old Ubah is fed Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food by her mother at Dollow Health Centre in Somalia. © UNICEF/UN0644320/Fazel
Thikra gets screened for malnutrition using the mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) tape in Yemen. © UNICEF/UN0671564



Millions of children continue to face immediate danger due to the war in Ukraine. This gift sends urgent humanitarian aid, including life-saving nutrition, education and emergency relief to 137 children and families directly affected by the war. Thanks to an anonymous donor, all Urgent Aid for Ukraine gifts will be matched up to $250,000 until the end of 2022.


Despite evidence showing how central girls’ education is to their development, gender disparities in access to education persist. There are 129 million girls out of school, while many more lack basic reading and math skills. Educated girls grow up with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.



Yemen remains one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Seventy per cent of the population, including 11.3 million children, is in dire need of humanitarian assistance. All Urgent Aid for Yemen gifts will be matched by The Lawrence Schafer Foundation until the end of 2022, up to $25,000.

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About UNICEF Survival Gifts

A little from you can mean a whole lot to them. This holiday, send a life-saving Survival Gift to children.


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