Unlocking the Key to Happiness


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We all want to be happy and live lives that make us and those around us feel good. Often, especially in our Western culture, that leads to mental images of achieving goals, expressing ourselves authentically, reaching financial milestones, and other personal fulfillments that make us feel successful and proud.

Driving for success and the vision of a better, more positive future makes us feel good, but equally important and often underrated is the sense of joy and fulfillment that comes from sharing our generosity with others. What brings people happiness may also differ between cultures, but most cultures have discovered that the key to real happiness, the thing that releases chemicals in our brains that give us a sense of joy and peace, is “giving.”

Generous people are often happier, more fulfilled and content with their lives. For them, giving back to others makes them feel better in return, creating a cycle of positive interactions and a more caring community as a whole. Giving our time and resources is good for us, so it stands to reason that generous people are good for our communities.

Importantly, generosity does not have to be expensive, either. There are countless ways to give thoughtfully that cost nothing at all, from small acts of kindness like sharing compliments and words of encouragement, to writing positive reviews about your favourite restaurants and businesses, to volunteering your time or help to a friend or neighbour in need.

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© Courtesy of the Great Commission Foundation

The Great Commission Fund Knows that Giving Brings Happiness

Knowing that giving brings happiness, we are pleased that the Great Commission Foundation (GCF) is in a natural position to help Canadians find ways to be generous. We work with Christian ministries and projects in a dynamic cooperative relationship and currently have over 500 projects operating worldwide. Our projects engage in activities that fall under our charitable mandates, including the advancement of education, the relief of poverty, and the advancement of the Christian faith.

We provide the administrative foundation to operate with integrity and financial transparency, while our projects provide personnel in the field. GCF offers an abundance of giving opportunities through our projects, including orphanages, anti-trafficking work, education, care for widows, health care, kids camps, and more, that can be supported practically as a volunteer, prayerfully, or financially.

No matter who or where you are, there is a way that you, a generous person, can help. We also provide tax-deductible receipts for eligible financial gifts as a registered charitable foundation. This year, let’s all spread the spirit of generosity by giving our time and resources, then enjoy the benefits of happiness and joy.

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