Greenfield Global: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Solutions


© Courtesy of Greenfield Global Inc

As Canada sets ambitious targets for achieving net zero emissions by 2050, businesses face mounting pressure to slash their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Concurrently, environmentally conscious consumers scrutinize and demand greater accountability for the products they incorporate into their daily lives. Amidst these heightened expectations, Greenfield Global stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that address the pressing need to lower carbon emissions and drive sustainability across industries.

A trailblazer in ethanol production, Greenfield Global leads the way in high-purity alcohols, specialty solvents, and custom-blended solutions, catering to diverse markets such as renewable fuels, beverages, life sciences, food, flavour, fragrance, personal care, and industrials. They apply eco-conscious standards to every day products, serving as a trusted partner behind the scenes.

A Leader in Sustainable Ethanol Production

Since its humble beginnings in 1989 as a small industrial alcohol plant in Tiverton, Ontario, Greenfield has steadily expanded its operations across North America and Europe. They defy the conventional manufacturer-packager archetype by serving as the producer, providing a complete perspective of the entire life cycle, from grain to glass.

With one of the lowest carbon intensity scores in fuel ethanol production in Canada, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fuel ethanol, industrial alcohol, and alcohol-related products in North America, serving 4,000+ customers spanning over 50 countries.

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© Courtesy of Greenfield Global Inc

Greenfield has emerged as a sustainability leader because of its steadfast commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Sustainability has always been the cornerstone of Greenfield’s ethos, guiding its culture, underpinning its growth, and informing its operations.

CEO Howard Field emphasized, “Ethanol is a vital component to the manufacturing of thousands of every day products like disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, flavours, inks and paints, and of course widely enjoyed beverages. Further reducing the carbon intensity of ethanol can significantly contribute to the health of our planet by reducing the carbon intensity of all of these downstream products.”

Collaborative Approach for a Greener Future

Greenfield’s commitment to innovation and sustainability extends beyond its own operations. The company collaborates with farmers, chemical suppliers, transportation partners, manufacturing facilities, and communities to identify opportunities for energy reduction and broader environmental impact.

The company is also expanding its own renewable energy expertise beyond fuel ethanol with renewable natural gas and plans for green hydrogen, e-methanol, and sustainable aviation fuel products. For instance, in Varennes, Québec, Greenfield operates Canada’s largest Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant. By partnering with three regional municipalities, the plant converts over 120,000MT of organic waste annually into renewable natural gas (RNG), thereby offsetting Greenfield’s energy consumption, diverting waste from landfills, and powering local communities. Building on this success, Greenfield is replicating this model at other sites in Ontario and Québec.

Field underscored, “By collaboration with partners, distributors, and customers, we can make a significant difference by reducing the carbon footprint of their products, not to mention the way those products get to market by producing biofuels.”

In an era that demands sustainable solutions, Greenfield Global leads the charge by offering industry-leading expertise that surpasses demands for quality and eco-consciousness in the supply chain.

It turns out that Greenfield’s founding mission—to unlock the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet—has positioned it for success in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious business landscape.

To learn more, contact us at, or call 1-905-790-4575.

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From our inception in 1989, Greenfield Global has grown from a single plant in Tiverton to a global leader with manufacturing and packaging facilities in the US, Ireland and Canada that reach the entire world.


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