How Chrisco Brings Holiday Magic Home

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Have you ever felt challenged, saving for the Holidays?

Here’s How Chrisco Can Help:

Chrisco has the perfect solution for you to have an abundant holiday with your loved ones. Through their layaway program, an installment-based payment plan, you save money throughout the year and pay what you can, based on a convenient payment schedule of your choice. By the time the holidays roll around, your payment will be finalized, and your order will arrive at your door without a hassle. Chrisco has everything you need, from your favourite grocery items, meats, and freezer fillers, to household items, gifts, toys, and electronics. Here’s how you can order all of this and more:

  1. Request their catalogues, search their wide array of products, and select your holiday hampers
  2. Schedule and spread your payments out over an entire year
  3. Make your payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  4. Pay Chrisco as a bill payment with telephone or online banking, pre-authorized Debit payments, by cheque, or money order. No credit needed!
    Once your order is paid in full, Chrisco will deliver all your goods right to your door.

Layaway what you want for next year, at this year’s prices. It helps you save money and manage your budget while still getting everything you want and need. It almost feels like cheating, but it isn’t because Chrisco makes it possible.

You Have to See it to Believe it!

Chrisco’s largest Christmas hamper, the Colossal Christmas hamper, comes with a 10 kg Butterball turkey and other delicious goods, including all the Top Brands you know and love, from Nestle & Janes to Kellogg’s, Cavendish, and so much more!

This hamper could cost you as low as $26.58 per week, based on a 52-week payment plan. You can add this small amount to your weekly grocery budget and end up paying in full come the holidays, for a colossal amount of food.

The Chrisco Community

Chrisco also has great programs and incentives in place, like the Refer a Friend program, as well as contests with money and cashback prizes. You can also become a Chrisco Agent, earn commission on your customers’ orders, and participate in their Fundraising program. Whether you are a school, a sports team, a charity, or an organization, Chrisco has the ideas and expertise to help you create your own personalized fundraiser.

Chrisco History

Chrisco has been a family staple and household name for nearly 50 years, providing families and businesses with valuable products with their ultimate convenience in mind in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Season after season and year after year, Chrisco has delivered hampers of happy memories, meals for the holidays, and big-ticket gift items.

The holidays are meant to be a time of joyful gathering, and there is no better joy than watching the children’s excitement (and the parents’ relief) when the delivery truck pulls up with all the Chrisco Hampers.

Chrisco creates a relaxing and stress-free holiday experience by eliminating last-minute shopping where choices are slim and the holiday crowds are roaring, no lugging heavy shopping bags home, and most importantly, no large credit card bills and their aftereffects. Each holiday season, you can worry less and spend more time enjoying the company of friends and family while creating new traditions, including making your Chrisco orders for next season.

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Chrisco has been making Holidays easy to enjoy for over 40 years in various parts of the world! Their goal is to help you save throughout the whole year for a wide variety of hampers, gifts, appliances, electronics and more.

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