Ride This Way: iGO eBikes Are Engineered for Personal Freedom!


iGO eBikes: Ride This Way

Cyclists everywhere will tell you that when you hop on your bike, you open up a world of freedom. iGO eBike riders take it one step further: powered by innovation and the thrill of exploration, these two wheels can take you anywhere. Whether you’re an urban dweller looking to escape traffic, a trailblazer seeking adventures, or simply enjoying the ride, iGO eBikes have you covered.

Two-wheeled transportation is on the rise. Much of B.C. has already embraced cycling culture, creating and continuing to develop city infrastructure to ensure cycling is safe and practical for British Columbians.

The engineers of freedom, iGO eBikes are redefining how we perceive transportation, with styles and technologies to suit every preference. Each bike is crafted to cater to your unique tastes, from simplicity to high-tech features, Bluetooth connectivity, unmatched comfort, and performance-tuned technology so that you can create your perfect ride.

For the Urban Cyclist

Say goodbye to traffic and hello to a world of endless riding opportunities. Unlike traditional modes of transport, iGO’s Discovery eBikes allow you to effortlessly explore neighbourhoods, uncover hidden gems, and discover local shops and eateries that are less accessible to cars. Imagine gliding through streets, bypassing traffic jams, and becoming part of the solution to congestion and pollution. That’s how iGO eBikes redefine your daily commute, transforming it from a dreaded chore into a treasured time to relax and explore.

But cycling isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s a chance to take a moment for personal reflection, explore hidden shops and restaurants, and revel in the delightful surprises your city has to offer. Better yet, make it an experience to be shared and take the opportunity to ride with friends.

Plan a trip to a park, meet up for coffee, or embark on group rides for both physical and mental health benefits. Riding together strengthens bonds and provides a sense of community, enhancing your overall well-being—the line between social hour and workout hour blurs without you even noticing.

“iGO eBikes break barriers, enabling you to journey beyond city borders. With extended travel ranges and maximized comfort, take your iGO eBike on an all-day ride with a single charge”
Beyond City Limits

For the daring, eMTBs elevate trail riding. Let your iGO eBike like the Outland Sawback RS handle the strain uphill so you can unleash your energy on the way down. It’s all about reducing fatigue and muscle strain, allowing you to stay active on the trails for longer. But it’s not all extreme treks—if your perfect ride takes you to the countryside, enjoying the routes less travelled while surrounded by natural beauty, your iGO eBike will be right there with you.

No matter the season, iGO eBikes are ready to take on the terrain. Fatbiking on the Outland Torngat RS with its performance tuned mid motor and extra wide tires lets you conquer snow-covered landscapes and sandy beaches alike, opening up new possibilities for exploration. The industry leading 4.8 inch wide tires provide increased traction on challenging terrains. You can effortlessly navigate through extreme conditions with motor assistance, making all-weather adventures a reality.

Photo © Courtesy of iGO eBikes
“Bikes are not just a mode of transportation; they’re a gateway to exploration and personal freedom. Whether navigating city streets or conquering extreme terrains, with iGO eBikes, you can take on new adventures, one pedal at a time.”


Photo © Courtesy of iGO eBikes

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iGO Electric is based in Montreal, Quebec – an epicenter for technology, industrial design and cycling passion. We source local talent to design, engineer and market our products and to help bring to life our belief in an active, sustainable future.