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Photo © Courtesy of Paradise Helicopters

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Locally owned and operated Paradise Helicopters inspires visitors to love and care for Hawai’i as much as they do, a strategy that enhances the guest experience while helping to protect the fragile and unique Hawaiian Islands. Headquartered in Kona, the company provides custom helicopter flights, adventure tours, and commercial services to support local businesses.

Paradise Helicopters’ founder, Calvin Dorn, discovered his passion for helicopters when fighting forest fires as a student pursuing a forestry degree at Humboldt State University in California. After graduation, Cal enlisted in the US Marine Corps to become a helicopter pilot and was on active duty for eight years before joining the corporate workforce as a pilot and businessman. This background has instilled him with a dedication to the environment and a strict adherence to safety. As a result, sustainability is a core driving force of Paradise Helicopters, and the company has received international recognition for their industry-leading safety program.

Paradise Helicopters is the first and only helicopter-tour company in the state to be awarded a Sustainable Tourism Certification from the Hawai‘i Ecotourism Association (HEA). In addition, Paradise was recognized by the HEA for its Carbon Offset Program, which supports the reforestation of native trees in Hawai’i through the only helicopter offset option in the state. This program allows guests to purchase certified carbon credits to offset their flight’s environmental impact and has been a standard part of operations since 2016.

Photo © Courtesy of Paradise Helicopters
Photo © Courtesy of Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters connects visitors to the islands in unexpected ways that open their eyes to the wonder of Hawai’i. Their exclusive adventures are delivered with true aloha, and are made up of experiences that intersect the land, the people, and the culture of Hawai’i. By creating opportunities for guests to uncover the secrets of the islands for themselves, Paradise Helicopters inspires them to travel responsibly.

When Paradise Helicopters is not flying guests on sightseeing adventures, they stay busy flying utility, agriculture, transportation, and emergency response flights. The company provides much-needed support to environmental restoration efforts in various remote regions of Hawai’i. Efforts have included missions such as donating flight services in conjunction with animal welfare volunteers to rescue livestock and animals trapped by the recent 2018 volcanic eruption of Kīlauea.

The entire company has taken the “Pono Pledge” to be responsible ambassadors of Hawai’i and recognize that “one’s love for the planet is an inseverable relationship.”

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002NY Paradise Helicopters
Photo © Courtesy of Paradise Helicopters

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Locally owned and operated since 1997, Paradise Helicopter tours give you an authentic piece of Hawai‘i – the culture and Aloha spirit that make the islands unique.


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