Magic Convention. Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas, Nv. August 13, 2019. Jane Fonda. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. 14 Aug 2019. © DJDM/

Jane Fonda is to release a book detailing how she became a leading environmental activist.

The Fun with Dick and Jane star famously campaigned against the Vietnam War in the 1970s. It has inspired a new generation of activist Americans by leading displays of civil disobedience with her Fire Drill Fridays protests against inaction on climate change.

And in a new book titled ‘What Can I Do? My Path From Climate Despair to Action,’ the 82-year-old will document the science and campaigning that has convinced her of the need for protests to force the issue on climate change.

Announcing the release, Jane Fonda wrote on Instagram: “I love this book so much! It recounts how last fall I had an epiphany about the state of our planet that sent me to Washington DC and changed my life.

“I didn’t think that could happen-at my age-but it did, and I’m not looking back. Everything I learned and what you need to know about the climate crisis is here from the mouths of experts and the too often unheard voices at the frontlines of the crisis, with stories and ideas that will change the way you think. It changed me.”

The book, out on 8 September, will feature Jane’s personal anecdotes as well as interviews with leading climate scientists and discussions on issues such as water, immigration, and human rights, as well as tips for those wanting to get involved in the cause.