Julie Andrews: Coronavirus brings out the same ‘unity’ in people as World War II

Julie Andrews: Coronavirus brings out the same ‘unity’ in people as World War II — Reuters/ Bang Showbiz

Julie Andrews says the coronavirus pandemic has brought out the “same sense of unity” in people as World War II. The 84-year-old actress was just four years old when World War II began in 1939, but has said she sees similarities between the war – which ended when Julie was 10 – and the current respiratory illness pandemic, particularly in the way humanity is coming together to “be compassionate and kind.” She explained: “We’re being very good and absorbing all the rules.  “There’s just so much out there at the moment and people being so wonderful and bonding. This is so much, to me, World War II, in a way. I’m very much reminded of that because I was around at that time, believe it or not. And the sense of unity that it provides and the way people do bond and get together is just phenomenal.” The ‘Mary Poppins’ star has also urged her fans to “stay safe” and to “follow the rules” set out by governments around the world, including self-isolating at home to try and limit the spread of the virus. She added: “I send my fondest love to everyone. Stay safe. Follow the rules. Be compassionate and kind if you can, which … I think everybody is. Keep in touch. Reach out.  Find the way you can reach out, which is what I’m doing as much as possible.” As Julie is over 70, she is deemed a high-risk person who could develop complications and potentially die from coronavirus, and so is making sure she stays at home. But the ‘Sound of Music’ actress hasn’t been having the best time in her home so far, as she has resorted to overeating, primarily snacking on sandwiches. Speaking during an appearance on the ‘Today’ show via video link, she said: “I overeat, I’m afraid. A lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are going on at this house. And cups of tea!”

—Reuters/Bang Showbiz

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