kinSHIFT: Building Skills for Reconciliation in a New Way


Enrollment in kinSHIFT fuels the impactful work that IndigenEYEZ does with Indigenous communities © Courtesy of IndigenEYEZ

Want to understand how to become better friends, colleagues and neighbours with Indigenous peoples?

Reconciliation requires a deeper awareness of the truth of colonization in Canada. kinSHIFT delivers a powerful online workshop experience where individuals or corporate teams can learn, ask questions, and make mistakes while strengthening courage for engaging with Indigenous peoples.

Many settlers share the desire to contribute to change. kinSHIFT workshops support this desire by building skills for reconciliation in a welcoming learning environment. No background training is necessary.

Not Your Typical Webinar

In an era of increasing awareness of racial and cultural inequities, the approach used by kinSHIFT is described as medicine for relationships. This one-of-a-kind reconciliation initiative offers decolonization workshops that are grounded in Indigenous principles, creative practices, and experiential learning. The webinar fosters emotional safety where participants can explore their reactions, work through difficult emotions, expand their understanding, and practice shifting unconscious patterns. This is a space to express feelings, say the wrong thing, and make the mistakes that otherwise keep you silent.

“I really appreciated the sense of connection and inclusion. While there were moments of vulnerability, there was also space to explore this safely for everyone.”


Indigenous people draw from time-honoured practices that have fostered inclusivity across diversity for generations. kinSHIFT is a social enterprise program led by Indigenous women with British Columbia based IndigenEYEZ. Guided by principles of reciprocity and shared responsibility, IndigenEYEZ fundraises and delivers trainings that help Indigenous communities recover from the impacts of colonization. kinSHIFT was launched in response to recurring requests from settlers who are committed to making change.

“Powerful, deep workshops. So facilitation rockstars in my books!”

Support Indigenous Empowerment

Revenue from kinSHIFT goes directly to programs that benefit Indigenous communities. IndigenEYEZ has already touched the lives of more than 10,000 people through 300+ workshops and 30+ youth camps. Impressively, this is creating real results: people across the generations who have participated in IndigenEYEZ report that their lives have been uplifted and transformed.

Join From Anywhere

Start your own learning journey today—sign up for a kinSHIFT workshop using the early bird discount code GLOBAL10. Or book the Elements of Truth workshops for your business team by contacting

© Courtesy of IndigenEYEZ

For teachers, kinSHIFT in the Classroom runs annually to support classroom decolonization. Want to contribute but have no time to take a workshop? You can help fund leadership empowerment programs for Indigenous youth and communities by donating to the IndigenEYEZ scholarship funds.

Sparking Change

Join IndigenEYEZ and kinSHIFT in their vision of building a better world rooted in the wisdom and creativity of Indigenous ways of knowing.

“With their programs, IndigenEYEZ is changing lives and sparking a movement of creative empowerment that re-imagines a better way forward together.”—Purppl CCC

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We offer leadership and facilitation training—rooted in Indigenous ways of being—that help strengthen communities to restore the circle and cultivate hope.


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