Lady Gaga: COVID-19 made me want to help people

Photo by Bang Showbiz

Lady Gaga says the COVID-19 pandemic has “mobilised” her to “work on how [she] can help the world”.

The 34-year-old singer has said she was inspired to do more to give back to both local and global communities after the coronavirus pandemic took hold last year, because she felt “powerless” when faced with the health crisis.

She said: “We’ve encountered a super virus that is epic in its disastrous proportions. So that feeling of powerlessness in some ways is, I think, something that we all share. [But it] really mobilised me to work on how I can help the world.”

Gaga has teamed up with the International WELL Building Institute for its WELL Health-Safety Rating, which assess what buildings and businesses have taken steps to reach a certain level of safety amid COVID-19.

Spaces that meet the requirements will receive a WELL Health-Safety seal, and the ‘Shallow’ hitmaker hopes this will allow more people to begin meeting safely once again.

She added: “[I hope this will be] one of the movements that is part of building back our global community and building back our local communities, [by showing people we] can get back to quote-unquote normalcy, but we must do it safely.”

And Gaga is also keen to keep her own mental health in check by staying active, whilst encouraging others to do the same.

She explained to USA Today: “It’s been really important to me that I continue to move my body. It’s really important for my mental health. So I’ve been doing, you know, regular exercises that I would normally do. But I mostly take walks, and I mostly hike. I wear my mask, and I go on hikes.

“I really encourage people to move their bodies and be in the world. Wear masks, stay safe, but don’t forget to move. Because when your energy’s stagnant like that, it really can lead to mental health problems. I really believe that by practicing everyday skills … like moving your body, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, making sure to take care of yourself, self-care – these are things that we have to make sure that we’re doing to take care of our minds.”


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