Elizabeth Fry Toronto

Elizabeth Fry Toronto delivers gender based, trauma informed services and advocates for justice and equity for women and non binary people who are criminalized and their families

Women are the fastest-growing prison population in Canada… but who are they?

These women are mothers, victims of violence, and women who have experienced extreme poverty. The relationship between marginalization and incarceration is not coincidental; women come into conflict with the law because of their struggle to survive in the face of poverty, gender-based violence, mental health challenges, and other systemic oppressions. Conflict with the law puts employment, health, housing, family, and dignity at risk.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto helps women rebuild their lives.

Elizabeth Fry Toronto’s programs help women build their capacities and skills to successfully reintegrate into the community and avoid future contact with the criminal justice system. 85% of women federally sentenced are victims of physical abuse and 68% have been sexually abused. After serving a term of imprisonment it can be extremely difficult for women to return to the community and family.

Our services and programs are critical for women trying to address underlying issues and survive. For over 70 years, our agency has offered counselling, reintegration services, community support services, and transitional housing to support the women we serve. We strive to empower women to create meaningful change in their lives and families while simultaneously advocating for alternatives to the criminal justice system.

Women feel that Elizabeth Fry Toronto is a place of compassion, understanding, healing, and support.

To learn how you can help women create a positive future visit efrytoronto.org.



Elizabeth Fry Toronto

We honour women’s voices, experiences and resilience and prioritize women’s mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health

Elizabeth Fry Toronto

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