LottoLove: A Lottery That Guarantees Every Ticket is a Winner

LottoLove Win for Women ticket © Photo by Chelsie Starley

By Allie Murray

What if for every scratch-off ticket you purchased, you were a winner?

And, what if that win gave life-saving supplies—like clean water, solar light, and nutritious meals, among others—to people living in impoverished countries?

That’s the mission behind LottoLove, a U.S. based social good company dedicated to making giving back more interactive and fun. LottoLove was founded by Laura Beck after witnessing firsthand the need for life-saving supplies in some of the most remote parts of the world, and she has made it her life mission to support those who need it most.

“My parents were advocates for helping others,” Beck shared. “I grew up saying goodbye to my dad for almost two weeks every March while he traveled to Central America to help build an orphanage and provide much-needed medical care. Eventually, we traveled as a family to some of the most remote parts of Guatemala. I saw people struggling to live. That memory and feeling never left me.”

Laura in Honduras in 2009 on a medical mission trip © Images Courtesy of LottoLove

LottoLove works when a customer purchases a ticket and the proceeds are donated to their respective charitable partner. Encouraging gift giving, when the ticket is gifted to someone or scratched yourself, they discover what was donated in their honor. Every ticket is a winner and provides not only life necessities, but also supports women and girls to thrive in their communities, receive an education and access resources to run for office.

LottoLove has partnered with eight charities, including SolarAid, LitWorld, Rise Against Hunger, Global Glow and others, to provide the necessities worldwide.

“In this world where there is an emphasis on material things, LottoLove shifts the focus to something more meaningful: human connection,” Beck said. “More than a gifting company, LottoLove makes people feel good through doing good and brings people together around helping others.”

Basic Needs line © Photo by Chelsie Starley

LottoLove offers two different types of scratch tickets, both with varying winnings—the Basic Needs ticket and Win for Women ticket. Both tickets are available for purchase on their website

“I launched LottoLove with our Basic Needs line and giving birth to my daughter was the catalyst for launching the second production line, Win for Women, which focuses on supporting and empowering young women and girls,” Beck explained. “Now as a mother, I’m expanding my mission by raising my kids with the same awareness and desire to do good and to be kind.”

Beck reflects on the impact they’ve been able to make, noting that they would continue to do everything they can to make a difference.

“LottoLove has helped drill boreholes for clean water, provided tools necessary for kids to learn how to read and write, given girls an opportunity for education, mentored girls to make changes in their lives and community, provided nutritious meals, and helped replace kerosene lamps with solar energy,” she said.

What’s next for LottoLove? In the next few months they will be launching a digital product allowing them to increase their impact and partnership opportunities.

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