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No one thinks it will happen to them, but one in 30 trips end in a medical emergency or safety concern. Whether it’s an unexpected medical issue like a stroke, an unfortunate slip-and-fall while exploring or, now, COVID, having travel coverage is a priceless tool to get you home safely. A medical transport membership like Medjet makes sure you get home for treatment and recovery, rather than being “stuck” in a hospital far away. It provides hospital-to-hospital, bedside-to-bedside transport to a hospital of your choice at home, regardless of medical necessity.

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A Catastrophe in Cairo

For Tom and Jeannie, Medjet made all the difference in getting the proper care after an unfortunate accident overseas…

“We joined Medjet after a bad experience woke me up to the fact that things can happen on trips. On a trip to Vietnam, I took an excursion in the sidecar of a motorcycle. The motorcycle and the sidecar went off the road that’s about 7 ft above the rice paddy, and I flipped over and plunged headfirst into 2-3 feet of water. The program I was involved in for evacuation told me, ‘we don’t know where we would take you, but we know we’re not going to pay for it.’ That was the first thing I heard, and I knew I had the wrong coverage. I did some research after my accident and I found Medjet, and I was so grateful that we had it in Cairo.”

While exploring the pyramids, Jeannie slipped on the granite and broke her hip and her wrist. At the hospital (“it was filled with cats!” said Tom), Tom and Jeannie decided to call Medjet.

“They said they would call us back in an hour and tell us when the jet could come for us. So I’m in the hospital bed, and in come the paramedic and Registered Nurse from Florida. They came right over to the side of the bed, and the paramedic put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘We’re going to get you out of here.’ I was so relieved. The biggest blessing of being a Medjet member was that I got home, and everything was taken care of. I can’t imagine going on a trip without that coverage ever again.”

Unlike health or travel insurance, which typically only medically evacuates to the “nearest acceptable facility,” (“acceptable” as deemed by the insurance company, not you), Medjet Members are transported to their home hospital of choice, regardless of medical necessity, for the cost of the membership and nothing more. It covers both domestic and international travel.

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A Broken Hip on Vacation

When Orthopedic Surgeon Marshall Frumin’s wife slipped and fell on greasy cobblestones, he knew she had broken her hip. A trip to the local hospital in Cartagena, Colombia, confirmed it, but the hospital did not have the necessary materials for the required surgery, and he had deep concerns about the facility’s capabilities. The Frumins had been Medjet Members for years, so he knew who to call.

“The medical transport team Medjet sent was incredible,” Marshall said. “As soon as they arrived at her bedside, they did all the things I’d been begging the hospital staff to do for my wife, and got her prepped for her flight. They whisked her out, and when she arrived at our home hospital, I could see the stress had just melted from her. She was home, with doctors we knew at a hospital we trust. We were both so grateful.”

“Charlett’s fully recovered now. But as a doctor, I can honestly say that I just don’t think the outcome would’ve been nearly as good had we not had Medjet. I recommend it to everyone.”

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Doctors Need Help, Too

When doctor Annie Wong fell ill in the Galapagos during a humanitarian medical mission, she found herself in a small, remote hospital in pain and in need of higher levels of care. Her husband Ron, also a doctor, was desperate to get her to their hospital at home in California. As a Medjet member, he knew what to do: “Immediately, I telephoned Medjet.”

“I felt so helpless. I was immediately so comforted and reassured that Medjet was on its way to get me,” said Annie. “Their rescue was world class, and I will not travel far without Medjet the rest of my life.”

“We help people when they’re at their most vulnerable, and are often alone,” said Medjet CEO, Mike Hallman. “Accidents, illness, and safety concerns can happen anywhere, we’re here to help our members get home.”

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As a MedjetAssist Member, if you become hospitalized internationally or domestically – 150 miles or more from home – Medjet will arrange medical transportation to a home-country hospital of your choice for inpatient care.


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