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“We help people when they’re at their most vulnerable, and are often alone,” said Medjet CEO, Mike Hallman. “Accidents, illness, and safety concerns can happen anywhere, we’re here to help our members get home.”

No one thinks it will happen to them, but one in 30 trips end in a medical emergency, and safety while traveling is a growing concern. Whether it’s an unexpected illness, or a sudden threat to your security, having the right travel coverage is priceless.

Medjet, the top-rated air medical transport and travel security membership program for travelers, makes sure you get home for treatment and recovery, rather than being “stuck” in a hospital far away. It can also provide an added layer of protection, someone to call if you feel your safety is threatened (and security evacuation if necessary)!

Africa was not where this travel advisor wanted her broken hip fixed

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Carol Oken © Photo Courtesy of Medjet

While staying at a beautiful hotel at Lake Malawi, Duffel & Compass travel advisor Carol Oken slipped and fell. A fractured left hip left her unable to walk and in need of surgery. She immediately called Medjet, who arranged for an air ambulance with a paramedic, a nurse, and two pilots on board to get her to an orthopedic surgeon at home in Chicago. The hospital-to-hospital transport became Medjet’s most expensive
to date: $198,989. The Medjet Membership Oken had, which left her with zero responsibility for any bills related to the transport, costs just $315 per year. Short-term, single-trip memberships with the same benefits start as low as $99.

“After missing one step with a terrible result, I’m the first one to say [a Medjet Membership] is totally worth it!”

For the Family

For David and Rhiannon Kamo, their Medjet membership made all the difference in getting their three-year-old son, Kobe, home for more specialized treatment at a children’s hospital in Idaho.

“We joined Medjet for David. He’s a professional desert racer, racing motorcycles at speeds of over 100 mph at times through extreme terrain. I was worried about getting him home if something happened during a race, especially from a foreign country. I never expected to have to call Medjet about Kobe.”

While attending a family funeral, Kobe became sick, and the Kamos were not comfortable with the treatment suggested by the local hospital they had taken him to. “He’s a child, and their treatment suggestion just seemed too extreme,” said Rhiannon. “We wanted a second opinion from people we knew who specialized in children. Medjet immediately got Kobe moved. His treatment was very different from what the other hospital wanted to do, and it was very successful. We are eternally thankful we had a
Medjet membership.”

Kobe and Rhiannon Kamo © Photo Courtesy of Medjet

When Security is Also a Concern

With growing global tensions, and an increase in crime brought on by stressed economies, safety while traveling is also a top concern these days, especially for solo travelers.

LA-based talent manager Katie Rowley relies on the security benefits of her MedjetHorizon membership. “When touring and traveling with one of our artists, I’m typically surrounded by security. I don’t have that luxury while off on an adventure on my own. I’m headed to Guatemala with a friend from high school, a little bit nervous about my safety. If I get hurt, I want to be moved home. If I just disappear, I want to be found.”

The security benefits of Rowley’s membership include crisis response and security extraction, if necessary, for a wide range of safety threats, including disappearance, kidnapping, violent crime, political threat, natural disasters, and more.

“It’s like the ultimate safety net. Help at your fingertips should you ever need it. It’s just unbelievable peace of mind.”
Katie Rowley © Photo courtesy of Medjet

If You Were Stuck in a Hospital While Traveling, Who Would Get YOU Home?

Most travel insurance will only provide medevac to the “nearest acceptable facility.” Medjet gets members moved to their hospital at home.

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As a MedjetAssist Member, if you become hospitalized internationally or domestically – 150 miles or more from home – Medjet will arrange medical transportation to a home-country hospital of your choice for inpatient care.


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