Monte Creek Winery Turns Balanced Vines Into Great Wines


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Located along the South Thomspon River just outside of Kamloops, Monte Creek Winery is turning unique growing conditions into award-winning wines.

Focused on sustainability, the Monte Creek Winery team makes it their business to be better for the earth and to inspire others to do the same. The team has always been passionate about quality, innovation, and sustainability, and they showcase this by creating premium wines that feature this exceptional growing area.

Two Lineups Worth Seeking

The winery has two main tiers. The Living Land series celebrates the idea that great wines come from balanced vines and earth that is truly alive. Living Land also speaks to the concept that to grow incredible fruit, you must promote and maintain a healthy environment, to work with nature, not against it.

The Ancient Waters series refers to prior geological events that shape today’s terroir. Without the natural occurrences of the past, there would not be the present-day prized soils. The Monte Creek Winery team creates minimal intervention wines to showcase these unique features of the landscape.

monte creek winery
© Matt Kuhn Photography

Growing With Care

Monte Creek Winery rehabilitates and conserves the land by applying regenerative and organic farming techniques. Indigenous cover crops promote soil biodiversity, a compost program recycles waste and provides nutrients for the soils, and honey bee hives are used to pollinate surrounding plants. With vineyards that border major river systems, it is important to the winery to be fully Salmon-Safe Certified.

Animal conservation promotes biodiversity and resiliency. A bird box trail of 20 boxes is used by at-risk species such as Blue Birds, and Monte Creek Winery also runs an annual campaign to raise funds and bring awareness to the decline of badgers in B.C. In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, the team at the winery assists with culvert clearing to allow badgers and other wildlife to pass under the highway.

Sustainability Beyond the Vineyards

Monte Creek Winery’s sustainable practices extend beyond the vineyards. The onsite Terrace restaurant is 100 percent OceanWiseTM, and the winery team employs several initiatives to reduce energy consumption and waste, all geared to minimizing the winery’s carbon footprint. Examples include growing produce used in the restaurant’s menu and using Kunekune pigs to eat food scraps from the kitchen.

In a quest to innovate and understand the impacts of its business, the Monte Creek Winery team is working with bright young minds. A recent example is the partnership with Thompson Rivers University and Telus for their Community Carbon Accounting Program (C2AP), where the winery team provided work experience for a master’s student to conduct an in-depth audit of the winery’s carbon footprint.

Monte Creek Winery is also a Biosphere Committed Business in partnership with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. Under this partnership, the winery underwent an Accessibility Audit, participated in the Eco-
Efficiency Program, committed to 7 Affirmations for 7 Generations, and completed actions to support the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Monte Creek Winery embraces and promotes quality, innovation, and sustainability every step of the way. These core values radiate from the team, and there is no doubt that stewardship is evident. Monte Creek Winery strives to maintain the land it occupies, enhance it, and encourage others to do the same.

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Through quality, innovation and sustainability, Monte Creek Winery in the Thompson Valley is turning unique growing conditions into award-winning premium wines. Visit Kamloops’ largest winery to enjoy seasonal al fresco patio dining, host private events, shop local products, taste award-winning wines, and take in the stunning river valley views.


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