No Time for Bullying: Transforming Lives, One Song at a Time


Elsie Morden with students © Courtesy of No Time for That Anti-Bullying

Canadian students need our support. One in three students report being bullied, and a staggering two in three students in marginalized groups feel unsafe at school. Mental health disorders affect one in five youth, with those experiencing bullying at a higher risk of struggling with their mental well-being. Tragically, suicide is the second-leading cause of death among youth and young adults in Canada, with rates four times higher for 2SLGBTQIA+ students. The urgent need for intervention and support is evident.

However, there is hope for our youth—did you know that bullying often stops within 10 seconds when someone intervenes? That means it truly only takes just one person to make a difference.

“I’ve been losing hope on my future day by day, but today you showed me it is possible to put my mind to things and accomplish them. Thank you for inspiring me to keep fighting for those good days.” — Kai, student

Time for Change

As one of Canada’s leading national anti-bullying organizations, No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society (NTFT) is committed to change that goes beyond awareness; it involves actively preventing bullying before it has serious long-term effects, hindering students’ potential. Celebrating diversity, the charity leads with inclusion, empathy, and empowerment, striving to be and create strong role models for inclusive and supportive communities. The charity’s initiatives encompass a range of approaches, including educational programs, awareness campaigns, and support services.

A cornerstone of the charity’s efforts is the annual NTFT Tour, Powered by BRP®. Utilizing the transformative power of story and song, the dedicated presenters deliver engaging presentations to schools and community organizations. NTFT’s mission has yielded powerful results—to date, the organization has delivered nearly 700 school presentations both virtually and in person across Canada. These efforts have directly impacted over 170,000 youth and 10,000 educators.

What makes these presentations especially impactful is that there is no cost to the schools and parent-school councils. NTFT’s presenters share their own stories about overcoming difficult situations, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of bullying, strategies for conflict resolution, empathy-building, and resilience.

By instilling a culture of kindness, we empower young people to initiate positive change within their communities, shifting the power dynamic from negativity to positivity.

no time for that anti-bullying
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A Resource for Youth in Need

At age 17, Elsie Morden founded NTFT. Surviving years of traumatic bullying, Elsie felt misunderstood, discouraged, and alone. In her mid-teens, she discovered her salvation and true passion—music. “Being able to express my feelings through my music saved my life,” said Morden. Twelve years later, Elsie is an award-winning performing artist, motivational speaker, and national ambassador for Kids Help Phone who continues to deliver impactful presentations alongside a roster of impressive youth presenters from across Canada.

The NTFT Tour, Powered by BRP®, provides the opportunity for school communities to begin the necessary conversations. Through story and song, the NTFT team is dedicated to fostering connections and educating about bullying prevention that extends to every individual affected by it. Whether you are being bullied, are the bully, an educator, an administrator, or a parent, everyone stands to gain from equipping themselves with the necessary tools to initiate meaningful conversations that foster positive change.

Over a decade strong, the organization continues to inspire change; with the rallying cry #NoTimeForBullying, NTFT invites everyone to join their legacy. Together, we can foster kind, empathetic, inclusive school communities. The power to combat bullying lies in the hands of each of us—NTFT encourages everyone to choose kindness and be that one person who makes a difference.

Visit to support their mission and find out how you can be part of the change.

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Through story and song, No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society (NTFT) educates and empowers school communities about bullying prevention and awareness.


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