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We aim to connect our readers to uplifting stories rather than disheartening conflict. We highlight the inspirational efforts of everyday people, celebrities, and organizations, who are diligently working together towards practical solutions to global problems.

Global Heroes provides valuable insight into how communities around the world tackle urgent issues and create actions that lead to sustainable change. Solution stories engage, boost and invoke action. Our focus is on real people and their tireless efforts to change our world for the better. Allow us to introduce you to a few of our heroes…

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Notoriety supports a powerful platform to enable positive change. Today, more than ever, high-profile celebrities are aggressively using their prominence to advocate for important causes. Many illustrious stars champion for their favorite charities, some even establishing their own NGOs. Often dedicating their own time and financial support, these renowned artists, athletes and the like are more than masters of their craft, they’re philanthropic heroes.


The access to information the youth have today is insurmountable. Our children are keenly informed on countless issues, including threats to our planet and their future. Acknowledging the potentially dire situation, many kids are stepping up, speaking out and holding the older generations accountable for the damage done to the planet. Let us introduce you to a few brave young warriors on the front lines fighting for the rights of the planet and the people and animals who inhabit it.


Superheroes are often disguised as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. These valiant individuals yearn to help the helpless and are committed to causes that matter. Their grassroots effort helps propel lawful justice, giving them the power to save lives. Allow us to share a few of their heroic tales.


Participating in philanthropic ventures is quickly developing into a standard business practice. Companies are becoming eco-conscious and conducting themselves in more ethical and sustainable ways. In doing so, they challenge the status quo by allowing for the careful consideration of human and environmental rights. These corporate heroes are the trailblazers for global change.


Human rights are the freedoms essential to all human beings, regardless of their race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. All humans have the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of expression, the right to an education, and much more. As the world becomes a more inclusive place, we want to share all the victories—big and small.


All children have universal, human rights that protect them from being put into unsafe situations. As citizens, it’s our responsibility to respect the rights of children and advocate for their safety. With the help of programs all over the world, we can all be a part of making this world a better, safer place for our youth.

Highlighting who is working together towards practical solutions to global problems.
The power of positive, solution-based journalism.
North America’s premier positive news magazine.
We highlight the inspirational efforts of everyday people, celebrities, and organizations.
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Women’s rights are human rights! History shows that women have made great strides in the fight for equality. However, in many places around the world, women and girls are still denied their rights, simply because of their gender. As the fight for gender equality continues, read about the heroes worldwide who continuously work toward women’s empowerment.


People around the world face violence and inequality—and in some places, even death—because of who they love or who they are. Sexual orientation and gender identity are fundamental to who we are as people and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. As the world becomes a more inclusive place, we want to share all the victories. Read about our LGBTQ+ heroes and those who fight alongside them.


Human trafficking is the trade of humans for forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation. It is often described as a modern form of slavery. As the world cracks down on trafficking operations, we want to share the success stories of those who have been liberated, and of the prevention programs in place to help them!


From the right to independence and autonomy through governance, land, and culture, to the right to start a new life for one’s family in a new country, equal justice is essential for inclusivity. Read about the heroes all over the world doing their part to ensure equal justice for everyone, citizens and foreigners alike.


As the human, environmental, and economic costs of global warming become clear, so does the need for action. From disastrous flooding and fires to hurricanes and droughts, the impacts of climate change are no longer a concern of the future, but rather a reality we must address today. Every step toward industry action is vital to stop the rise of global temperatures. Read about the millions of environmental heroes worldwide doing their part to raise awareness and take action.


From veganism to diet and nutrition, and everything in between, we’re covering the latest in positive news about everyone’s favorite topic. Read about the food heroes worldwide who are taking action to solve world hunger and the celebrities working to make the world a greener place.


Everyone loves animals, which is what makes the abuse that they suffer at human hands so heartbreaking and infuriating. The good news is that we all have the power to save animals from suffering – and it’s easier than you might think. Animals are counting on all of us to give them a voice and become their heroes by learning about the issues they face and doing our part to take action. Read about the millions of compassionate people who are working to create a kinder, better world for animals.


Ecotourism and travel have been steadily rising in popularity, and for excellent reasons. Some countries have really stepped up their efforts to protect and preserve their natural environment – not only for the locals and visitors but for the wild inhabitants too! Here are some of those places, plus a few of our favorite things to do and see when you visit.


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