Reddit users donate Nintendo Switches to children in hospital

Photo by Screen Post/Pexels

Reddit users helped to raise money to donate Nintendo Switches to children in hospital!

A UK-based Reddit user known as yusuo85 decided to do a charitable act and wanted to donate Nintendo Switch bundles to the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

In order to do this, he started a fundraiser and explained that as a child he spent time in hospitals, and gaming helped him during this time.

His original goal was to raise £500 in order to buy two Switches and some games. However, after the fundraiser was shared on several subreddits, the goal had been surpassed after a month!

£1,535 was raised in total: which meant that yusuo85 was able to buy six Nintendo Switches, 24 Switch games (four different games per Switch console), as well as accessories!

He wrote on Reddit: “I just want to thank everyone who made this possible, I started with the hope of being able to buy 2 Switches and 2 games but it became a lot more than that so thank you everyone.

“I also want to say thank you again to DSD Technologies Ltd for donating an additional 3 Switches, making a grand total of 9 purchased for the hospital as well as Auroch Digital for donating games.”


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