Tips For Your Next Road Trip this Summer

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With the weather starting to get warmer, many of us will be escaping on road trips. While it’s important to have a plan before you hit the road, you also need to think of safety and comfort for all members of the family.

More and more people are taking their next road trips in hybrids or electric cars, among a growing number of greener methods of transportation. When you’re planning your next holiday, consider these tips to help reduce the environmental and budget impact of your holiday.

Here are four road trip tips to plan an eco-friendly road trip that’s fun for the whole family:

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1) Schedule rest stops

Some may consider driving straight through to get where they’re going faster, but there’s actually nothing more important than getting up and stretching your legs every couple of hours to get the blood flowing. Research what rest stops are on the way beforehand so you’ll know where you can eat and use the washroom.

2) Bring your beloved family pet

Their presence may comfort and calm you in the car, so it’s a great idea to bring along your furry best friend. Make sure to properly secure your pet in their seat before driving, whether that’s with a carrier, crate or seatbelt. An unsecured animal can be dangerous while the vehicle is in motion. Make sure your pet feels as “normal” in the car as possible with their favourite blanket, toys and treats.

3) Check the weather forecast

When planning a road trip, one of the first things you should do is check out the expected weather along your route.

An easy and reliable way to do this is by calling Environment and Climate Change Canada’s automated phone weather service Hello Weather at 1-833-79HELLO (1-833-794-3556). Simply phone this new toll-free service, which offers up-to-date local forecasts for over 800 locations across Canada. When you call, you can select any location from a directory listed by province and region.

4) Rent an electric vehicle

Many rental car companies offer hybrid cars, which can significantly reduce emissions. To do so, whenever possible, use your car’s cruise control, reduce your speed and turn off the air conditioning. Before you head out for your road trip, take your car for a maintenance check-up and be sure to check your tire pressure regularly.

In addition to electric or hybrid vehicles, commuters are already enjoying trips on zero-emission vehicles—including a city bus that is powered by 100 percent renewable natural gas (RNG) from Enbridge Gas. RNG is a clean energy source produced by capturing the biogas released from organic waste, such as food scraps, landfills and farm waste, which can be used to fuel public transit as well as municipal waste collection trucks and delivery vehicles.

As you sit back and relax on the open road this summer, you may be surprised how easy it is to minimize your costs and your impact on the planet.


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