Safe, Effective Medicines Are Key to Pet Health & Welfare


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According to our recently released 2020 pet survey results, only 85% of dogs and 58% of cats in Canada see a veterinarian at least once per year – a trend that has remained unchanged for over ten years.

Pets are an integral part of many families, but the total number of annual checkups, as reported by pet owners, does not equal the number of dogs and cats in our care. According to our 2020 survey of Canadians conducted by Kynetec, 58% of Canadian households have at least one dog or cat, giving us an estimated population of 7.7 million dogs and 8.1 million cats.

Veterinarians play a key role in supporting the bond we have with our pets. They are trusted resources for scientific information, and our 2020 data shows that pet owners feel the value they receive from their veterinarian is high. Only a veterinarian has the training and skills needed to review your pet’s needs and choose the most appropriate treatment based on their medical knowledge and experience. In turn, technical experts at CAHI member companies work closely with veterinarians to ensure they have the most up-to-date information about the medications and vaccines available to them.

Our regulatory partners also work hard to maintain appropriate oversight of veterinary medicines. All products must meet strict requirements set by either Health Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, whose scientists review the required scientific data to ensure they are safe and effective. After a product is marketed, these safety assessments continue, and manufacturers have veterinarians on staff who are responsible for reporting adverse reactions. This forms the basis of an essential and continual exchange of information between animal owners, veterinarians, the animal health industry, and government regulators.

CAHI continues to advocate for better access to innovative veterinary products to ensure life-saving medications are available and accessible for all animals. In doing so, we also partner with you and your veterinarian to provide your pet with health care options to ensure a long and healthy life.

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The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) is the trade association representing the developers, manufacturers and distributors of animal pharmaceuticals, biologics, feed additives, veterinary health products and animal pesticides.


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