St. Lawrence Market: Supporting Small Businesses and Feeding the Community


Photo © Courtesy of St. Lawrence Market

Through the ups and downs of the past year, St. Lawrence Market has remained a constant for many Toronto community members. The Market has remained open through the challenging COVID-19 health emergency to serve customers and ensure that they have access to the food that they need. For the over 120 merchants, vendors, and farmers of the Market, it has been important to be there for their customers who continue to support the market’s small independent businesses.

As the Market pushes forward into spring, we’ve discussed with merchants and customers why the Market continues to be a healthy and essential part of the routine.

The Market Experience

Shopping at St. Lawrence Market is unlike any other food retail experience. “There is something special, even romantic about it,” said Nancy Manotas, owner of Manotas Latin Foods in the lower market level. Her customers tell her that people come to the Market for the personal touches that are an integrated part of the Market experience. “It’s comfortable and feels like family.”

Photo © Courtesy of St. Lawrence Market
Photo © Courtesy of St. Lawrence Market

Curbside Pick-Up

St. Lawrence Market has taken extensive precautions to keep customers safe and comfortable while shopping at the Market. These precautions include additional and extensive cleanliness protocols, capacity management, use of masks, physical distancing and more, all under the guidance of Toronto Pubic Health. In March 2020, St. Larence Market introduced curbside pick-up, allowing customers to place an order in advance and pick it up on Market Street without even leaving their car. St. Lawrence Market merchants endeavour to go above and beyond to support their customers, so offering a minimal contact service such as this was just another way they could support their community through the challenges of COVID-19.

Delivery & Advanced Order Options

Many St. Lawrence Market merchants have also offered delivery options or advanced orders either by phone or online. “We’ve listed all of our products online and with a minimum order, offer the delivery for free,” said Sara Spector, owner of Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters who roast beans daily inside the Market. “We understand that many customers are going out less, so we wanted to ensure that we can bring their routine to them right in their home.”

Excellent Service and High-Quality Products

“The Market is known for high-quality products and expert staff who are happy to give product recommendations, even for other merchants’ products,” said Randy Simon, Manager at Mike’s Fish Market. “I think that people trust and feel comfortable with what they are getting at the Market; it’s why they keep coming back.”

To find out more about how the Market is keeping you safe and continuing to offer a fantastic food shopping experience, visit in person or online at

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The Market is a place where the authenticity of truly great food and shopkeepers who care reign above all else.


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