Stand Up For Education Workers!


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Schools are an essential part of a community that rely on the work of hundreds of unsung heroes.

But did you know that the average Education Worker makes approximately $39,000 annually, and some make as little as $5,000 annually?

Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 was formed to improve the social and economic welfare of its Members, and in compliance with the Human Rights Code, race, or creed, colour, sexual orientation, without regard to gender, to promote efficiency in public employment and to manifest its belief in the value of the unity of organized labour.

Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 is made up of approximately 17,000 Education Workers who work within the Toronto District School Board; Bloorview School Authority, Childcare Workers from Not Your Average, Maurice Cody, McMurrich Sprouts, and Toronto Catholic District School Board Childcare Centres, Caretakers from the Toronto Catholic District School Board and Viamonde French Board and Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS).

Representing over 400 Job Classifications in over 1,000 Worksites, our Members are entrusted with the safety, responsibility, and assistance of delivering quality education to the students attending all the schools at our sites.

Education Workers are the front-line employees at their worksites. Our members’ commitment, caring, compassion, and dedication go above the job description for their positions.

Lunchroom Supervisors, Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECE), Outdoor Educators, Caretakers, Educational Assistants and School Office staff help ensure the safety and learning environment of the students—your children and grandchildren! Educational Assistants help make school a safe and enriching environment for students with special needs and specific learning preferences. As well, activities initiated by the DECE help children develop and learn intellectually, physically, and emotionally, setting our youngest learners up for future success.

With the cuts being made to education, our city risks losing the programs and resources that contribute to a quality education—and the heroes who make those programs possible! Already, many programs have taken a hit, like International Language/African Heritage classes, kindergarten programs, and adult learning programs.

As another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic looms, enhanced cleaning measures and online learning programs will once again rely on the work of Education Workers, and we need to be ready to stand with them and support their work—for our communities, our children, and so quality education can prevail.

For the last ten years, Education Workers have given the best, and they deserve to have the best given back to them! Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 believes in well-funded community-based education and resources for ALL ages. Education should be a right—not a fight!

Stand with the Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400, and the next time you see an Education Worker, thank them!

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Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 is committed to the health and safety of our Members, Office Staff, Executive, Stewards, Committee Members and Guests


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