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The Starfish Canada’s 2018 Board of Directors © Courtesy of The Starfish Canada

We need voices at our decision-making table and in our community that represent different views and ways of being—there’s no way to make sustainable change without it.

Our world continues to shift in profound ways. While we still navigate through the pandemic, and while wars and unrest are consuming our hearts and minds, we still see incredible challenges ahead of us when it comes to environmentalism, climate action, social justice, and all the intersectional pieces that crosscut these spaces.

This is where the magic of The Starfish Canada shines, where youth heroes come together to start conversations about what our future looks like, celebrate their peers, and pursue positive change in their communities and throughout the country.

For over a decade, The Starfish Canada has inspired young Canadians to take on leadership roles in their communities and collaborate with their peers to create the future they want to see. Throughout the country, The Starfish Canada delivers high-quality programming and workshops to schools and communities such as Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 and Speakers Bureau, connecting environmental changemakers and giving youth a platform to make their voices heard.

More than ever before, it’s critical that the environmental changes we strive for are led by those who will be doing the work: our youth!

“We need young voices at our decision-making table and in our community that represent different views and ways of being—there’s no way to make sustainable change without it.”—Kyle Empringham

The Starfish Canada works to meet people where they’re at and ask for not just their guidance, but what stories they have to share. The world is ever-evolving, and to create sustainable change, we’ll need the ideas, stories, and viewpoints of changemakers from all walks of life.

The Starfish Canada operates under the unwavering belief that young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow—they’re also the leaders of today. The ideas, innovations and insights of these young people are essential for us to find our way towards a cleaner and just country.

the starfish
© Courtesy of The Starfish Canada

Action-oriented and engaging, The Starfish Canada ensures that every step of its mission is based on sound science, research and the learnings and teachings of traditional ways of being. The path to a brighter future starts with thought-provoking conversations and dialogues that prompt deeper thinking and understanding of environmental issues and solutions. Young change-oriented environmentalists come together to discuss environmental topics through mediums that provide high-quality participation and mentorship, going beyond surface-level issues to get to the heart of what matters: our world and our future.

Year after year, The Starfish Canada has been able to provide deeply meaningful mentorship, guidance and resilience to young people, shown through valuable internships, awareness campaigns shared through online media, two CharityVillage nominations for fundraising and best youth organization, and of course, thought-provoking conversations about creating a sustainable future.

The Starfish Canada continues to centre youth voices, and their success is a reflection of doing that unapologetically. Change starts with youth, and sustainable change starts with The Starfish Canada.

Visit to support youth environmental work across the country.

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About The Starfish Canada

The Starfish Canada celebrates young environmental leaders by connecting them with a platform for storytelling and a community of change-makers. Through our national platform young changemakers are able to advocate for the environmental issues that matter to them, and make their voices heard.


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