The Heroes of Canada’s Fruit and Vegetable Sector


Photo © Courtesy of The Canadian Horticultural Society

Every day, thousands of members of the Canadian fresh produce industry wake up as early as 3 a.m. to produce, transform, pack, transport and sell the about 125 types of healthy, fresh, and delicious fruits and vegetables grown in Canada.

The work of the fresh produce supply chain is not easy. It involves meticulous planning, long days, a year-round commitment, and an endless supply of optimism as producers deal with many factors outside their control.

Why do they do it? Because they love it. For them, there’s no other way of life.

This year is the International Year of Fruit and Vegetable (IYFV), an opportunity for all Canadians to say THANK YOU to the farmers and the value chain members who dedicate their lives to producing the food that nurtures Canadians and people all around the world and powers the Canadian economy.

Take a moment to learn more about this robust, innovative and resilient industry.

Photo © Courtesy of The Canadian Horticultural Society

Canada’s Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Good for people
There are so many healthy attributes for Canadian-grown fruits and vegetables—it’s no wonder Health Canada recommends Canadians ensure fruit and vegetables make up “half their plate” at each meal!

  • high in fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • may help reduce your risk of some types of cancer
  • help keep your digestive system regular
  • help keep your bones strong
  • are generally low in calories and fat and rich in fibre, so they can help you maintain a
  • healthy weight
  • are good for everyone!

Good for Canada’s economy

The industry continues to do its part in creating a strong Canadian economy and is uniquely poised to drive post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

  • About 125 types of fruit and vegetables are grown in Canada
  • $1.7 billion in total value added (2018)
  • $2.6 billion in government revenue (2018)
  • 249,000 full-time jobs for Canadians (2018)

Good for the world

Canadian farmers hire Canadians first, but when Canadians are unavailable for farm jobs, farmers need international workers to help grow and harvest food for our tables. Seasonal workers are integral to the sector, making up 53% of Canada’s agricultural workforce, and we are grateful to them for the work they do and the opportunities they provide.

  • International farmworkers create full-time jobs for Canadians
  • Income earned and sent home by workers is 11 times greater than the Canadian foreign aid sent to these same countries
  • Farmers support a pathway to immigration for international farmworkers
  • International farmworkers are paid the same, and have access to the same medical coverage and other resources as Canadian workers.
About IYFV

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations declared 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables in an effort to raise awareness of the nutritional and health benefits of fruit and vegetables and their contribution to a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Learn more about Canada’s fruit and vegetable industry and how to incorporate more fresh produce into your diet:

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The IYFV 2021 is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security and health and as well in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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