The Sky is Not the Limit: UPLA Takes Adventure to New Heights


Photo © Courtesy of Treetop Trekking

Are you looking for a thrilling outdoor adventure that will take you soaring through the trees and bouncing through the forest?

If so, The Trekking Group has just the thing. Since 2002, this Canadian tourism company has been creating and delivering one-of-a-kind aerial recreation attractions and experiences, and 2023 is set to be a big year for them.

Their latest project, UPLA, is a forest-based outdoor trampoline experience that is the first of its kind in Ontario. Set to open later this spring at the existing Treetop Trekking park in Stouffville, UPLA will feature massive, interconnected trampolines suspended high in the trees, as well as slides, net walkways, and ground paths. Adventure lovers of all ages can come and explore, bounce around, and have fun in a world of nets.

Adventure From a New Angle

Picture this: you’re bouncing on a trampoline, high up in the trees, surrounded by the lush greenery of a forest. You can hear the leaves rustling and feel the wind in your hair as you jump and bounce around, carefree and happy. This is what UPLA promises to deliver—a unique outdoor experience that will leave you feeling exhilarated and refreshed.

But UPLA isn’t just a fun activity. UPLA is designed to be fun and accessible for all ages, allowing families and groups to come and bounce around high above the forest floor and share the experience together.

And that’s not all—even winter is not off-limits at UPLA, as plans are in place to offer day and night options throughout the snowy season. Imagine bouncing on a trampoline, surrounded by snow-covered trees, with the crisp winter air on your face. It’s a winter wonderland adventure like no other.


Swapping Screens for Swings

One of the primary goals of UPLA is to get people outdoors and away from screens. A recent report by Nature Canada found that excessive screen time is having serious negative health impacts on Canadians, especially children. Too much screen time negatively impacts our physical, mental, and social health.

On the other hand, spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor activities has been found to boost mood, help manage stress and anxiety, and provide opportunities to learn, explore, discover, and understand the natural environment. And that’s exactly what Treetop Trekking offers—a chance to escape the concrete jungle and spend a day of outdoor fun in nature.

Seven Locations, Endless Fun

If you’re in the Toronto area, the Treetop Trekking park in Stouffville is the place to be. But if you’re not, fear not—Treetop Trekking has parks to explore at seven locations across Ontario, including the 1000 Islands, Barrie, Brampton, Hamilton, Huntsville, Stouffville, and the Ganaraska Forest between Port Hope and Peterborough. And if you’re heading east this summer, the company also operates seven adventure parks in Québec under the Arbraska brand.

Each park has its own unique attractions and experiences to offer, with something for everyone.

In the 1000 Islands location, explore treetop aerial courses set in a mature pine forest along the edge of an expansive wetland. This park also includes a Treewalk Village and Discovery Courses for young kids. In Brampton, thrill-seekers can stride from tree to tree on a variety of fun and challenging obstacles, with impressive views out over Heart Lake. Take advantage of the 305-metre-long Blue Heron ziplines that will have you soaring right over the lake.

The Hamilton location is the perfect park for families to visit, with adventure activities for all ages, including a Treewalk Village, Discovery Courses, and Aerial Courses. Or escape the city to beautiful Muskoka, where the treetop aerial courses are set amongst northern Ontario’s mature forest and rock outcroppings.

The Ganaraska Forest location, just east of Toronto, features activities for ages nine and up and is home to Timberwolf, reputedly the most challenging aerial adventure in Ontario. And, of course, the original Treetop Trekking park in Barrie, is still a favourite for thrill seekers.

Photo © Courtesy of Treetop Trekking

Sustainability At Heart

Prefer a relaxing stroll over a thrilling ride? Not to worry—Treetop Trekking isn’t just for thrill-seekers. You’ll find guided canopy tours that take you on a stroll through the trees, allowing you to experience the forest in a new and unique way, while experienced tour guides tell you about the surrounding nature, the ecology of the forest, and the importance of conservation.

Along with safety, sustainability is at the heart of Treetop Trekking. Working closely with local conservation organizations, Treetop Trekking works to ensure that their parks have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. They use sustainable materials in their construction and operate their parks in a way that promotes the conservation and preservation of the forest.

So why not plan a visit to one of Treetop Trekking’s parks this year? Whether you’re looking to bounce through the trees at UPLA, take on the Timberwolf Challenge Course, or explore one of the company’s other adventure experiences, you’ll surely have a memorable day of outdoor fun in nature. And who knows—maybe it will inspire you to get comfortable exploring the great outdoors from a different angle.

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