Caring at Your Convenience: WFYO’s App Paves the Way for Accessible Youth Counselling in Ontario


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Focus Forward to Better Youth Mental Health

Technology is ever-present in our lives—palm-sized digital worlds occupy our pockets and provide access to almost anything we can think of. It only makes sense to leverage the power of technology for the betterment of our mental health. That’s why, in honour of its 10th anniversary, Wellness & Emotional Support for Youth Online (WFYO) is proud to unveil an innovative e-counselling platform and a brand-new mobile app specifically designed to make mental health support more accessible and convenient for youth across Ontario.

WFYO understands that young people face overwhelming stress and anxiety from various sources, such as school, relationships, and family dynamics. During these difficult transitional periods, having the proper support can be the key to finding success and building a solid foundation for better mental health. With the new e-counselling app, young people will have the ability to access professional mental health support anytime, anywhere, right at their fingertips.

This has long been the mission for WFYO; since their inception in 2012, WFYO has provided counselling to over 3,000 youth aged 13-24 in Ontario. In June of 2022, WFYO celebrated 10 years of service, a milestone event that looked back on how much help and support the organization has been able to provide for young people across the province.

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In celebration of their enduring support for Ontario’s youth, WFYO has completely revamped their virtual services, redefining how young people can connect with our counsellors. Through the asynchronous email-to-email option, live chat function, and video calls, teens and young adults can access WFYO’s services from the comfort of their chosen space.

But that’s not all. WFYO believes in the power of creative expression as a means of self-discovery and healing. That’s why they’ve introduced a new feature to the platform: the Gallery submission function. Now, teens and young adults have the opportunity to share their meaningful media, photos, and artwork with their counsellors, fostering deeper engagement and connection in the therapeutic process.

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core of WFYO’s mission. They strive to break down barriers and ensure that every youth in Ontario can receive safe and secure mental health care. The organization’s decade of service has shown that the concerns of young people require time, trust, and ongoing support. That’s why WFYO offers continuous counselling, allowing youth to develop a trusting relationship with their counsellors as they navigate the complexities of mental health.

It is often during difficult transitional periods that we need the most support, and no one can guess when that support will be most beneficial. By embracing new avenues of communication, we are forging a path toward better mental health together.

But WFYO can’t do it alone. Providing evidence-based care and reducing waitlists and wait times for youth mental health support across Ontario requires support from the communities it serves—communities like yours. Your donations will make a tangible difference in the lives of young people, removing barriers and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Join WFYO in their mission to meet young people where they are and provide the support they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Together, let’s build a brighter future for youth mental health in Ontario.

Let’s make mental health a priority for our youth, because their well-being matters.

To learn more about WFYO’s services, download the app or visit

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WES for Youth Online provides an ongoing one-to-one connection with a professional counsellor. Our virtual counselling service allows youth to connect with a professional and qualified counsellor by self referral, to explore the issues being faced in a secure and virtual environment.


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