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When you register with YES, you receive FREE counselling, training, and job placement. With a variety of programs and a 83% success rate, YES will help you find employment and change your life.

It has been a challenging year for many, especially for youth entering or new to the job market. Throughout the pandemic, youth have borne the brunt of COVID-related job cuts. Statistics Canada shows that Ontario has faced a drop in employment for a second straight month, with the unemployment rate increasing to 27.8 percent. However, there is still time to set Canada’s youth on the path to success! With over twenty different FREE programs, YES (Youth Employment Services) has developed strategies to guide Canadian youth through the job market.

Your story is unlike anyone else’s. No matter how much or how little you have planned, YES has the educational tools to help you find the confidence to succeed.

“If you are one of the thousands of unemployed youth affected by the pandemic, YES has the programs and support to help you succeed,” said Timothy Lang, President & CEO at YES. “YES has close to a 90 percent success rate and has helped inspire hundreds of thousands of youth since 1968. Our world class team and programming has truly changed lives and created greater prosperity in Canada.”

YES is the leader in youth employment training, programming, and job placements, serving thousands of Canadians every year and changing lives through a variety of coaching, training, and life skills. In 2021, YES successfully helped assist 11,063 youth on their employment journey. YES has also improved its programming to help youth find employment now and in the future.

The pandemic has increased the need for youth to be resilient, demonstrate a growth mindset, and develop collaborative skills to work in virtual teams.

YES has responded with virtual communication, access to employment services to improve resumes and interview skills, and one-to-one attention to tailor job searches to ensure that the youth who walk through their doors find what they need.

83 percent of youth who came to YES with no income or who were reliant on social services for support gained employment.

Understanding the needs of youth has helped YES develop programs to better serve youth who identify with mental health troubles through specialized programming, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a qualified psychotherapist. YES also provides Digital Skills Programming and Mentorship for youth looking to get cloud certified or certified in construction. YES continues to work with youth and, with the help of their job developers and career counsellors, they continue to find ways to help youth find employment.

Employment and empowerment are the cornerstone of a safe and healthy community. Through programs that empower disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, YES is leading the way in Canada and supports agencies across the nation, while directly supporting youth in the GTA to become self-sufficient contributing members of society:

Say YES to a self-sufficient future for Canada’s youth.

If you are interested or know someone who could benefit from YES’s services, please visit or email them at for further assistance.

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YES believes that employment is empowerment and the cornerstone of safe and healthy communities.


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