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It all started when Bob and Marzia, founders of Niagara’s 180 Estate Winery, decided they wanted to pursue a new path in life. Something out of the city, away from the corporate world to reconnect with nature, pursue their passions, and to combine their love of entertaining, food, and wine.

When the pandemic shook the world and their family, Bob and Marzia took stock of their lives and re-evaluated what was truly important to them. Inspired by their two daughters, Taylor and Sara, the couple decided to take the road less travelled and put in the extra work to make things happen. So when an opportunity arose to own and operate a boutique winery (Formerly Di Profio Wines) in Jordan Station, Ontario, they jumped on it. Marzia left her corporate job, and they moved into a bungalow on the 10-acre vineyard.

From May 1, 2021, they hit the ground running, producing single-vineyard hand-crafted wines, authentic Italian cuisine, and creating a landscape made for lasting memories. With the whole family involved in every aspect of the business, 180 proves that teamwork and dedication can make their dream work. They’re all about the customer experience, treating everyone who walks through the door like part of the family.

As one of the smallest wineries in Ontario, with only 10 acres of vineyard, 180 strives to employ sustainable viticulture practices, focusing on quality and balance in the vines and fruit they produce. All of 180’s wines are vegan-friendly and hand-crafted in small batches by expert winemaker Ramsey Khairallah. As part of their waste reduction strategy, instead of discarding pomace (grape skins, seeds, and stems leftover from processing), the 180 Estate winemaking team spreads the pomace back into the vineyard, returning organic material and nutrients into the soil and enhancing the soil’s fertility.

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Whether you prefer wine by the glass or sampling a bit of everything in a wine-tasting flight, every experience is made better with authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy delicious casual fare on 180 Estate Winery’s covered patio, surrounded by sprawling vineyard views.

Let the grapes guide your palate! The winery uses unique Italian winemaking styles such as Appassimento and Ripasso to craft their mouthwatering Reds and specializes in Gamay Noir—a must-try if you enjoy a French Beaujolais. Whether your travels include weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, or family reunions, 180 Estate Winery is the place to get away from it all. With a pet-friendly patio and non-alcoholic options for kids, a trip to 180 is sure to be a hit for the whole family.

The winery and bistro are open from Tuesday to Sunday. In the summer, enjoy live music every Sunday or experience a picnic among the vines. Their official grand opening is July 2—join in the celebration of new beginnings with wine, food, and live music!

“For all the risk-takers, the dream chasers, and the go-getters, experience the beauty of the road less travelled with 180 wines—from our family to yours.”

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“The most important things in life aren’t possessions… they’re experiences.

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