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© Courtesy of ACT – Autism Community Training

Did you know that up to 20 per cent of the global population is neurodivergent? Among them, 2.2 per cent are part of the vibrant and diverse Autistic community. Every Autistic person possesses a beautifully complex and unique brain, meaning that Autism is different for every individual. Despite the diversity of the Autistic community, many Autistic individuals are encouraged to change themselves to fit into a world designed for those without neurodivergent experiences. This not only negatively affects their mental and physical well-being but also denies the world the opportunity to embrace their authentic selves.

ACT – Autism Community Training is Canada’s leading provider of free online, community-level Autism training for caregivers and professionals. ACT held its first conference in May 2003 as a community response to the need throughout British Columbia for evidence-informed specialized training opportunities. ACT’s live training events offer opportunities to learn how to support Autistic people at home, school, work, and in the community. ACT’s goal is to empower communities with knowledge that enables Autistic people to live productive, satisfying lives.

“ACT has played a major role in the way I have been able to care for and help my son as he changes and the world of ASD changes. It is difficult to get support when you need it if you don't have timely access to it.” — ACT training attendee

Two decades ago, reliable information and training for families was painfully scarce. Today, the landscape has been transformed and ‘information’ is everywhere—sometimes overwhelmingly. When a simple Google search yields millions of results for “Autism,” finding credible sources can be challenging.

ACT is your trusted partner in providing evidence-informed training, cutting-edge research, and a vast array of practical resources to support neurodivergent individuals and their families/caregivers. ACT’s information portal houses over 3,000 resources, including the Autism & Intellectual Disability (AID) Search, an incredible tool that empowers individuals and families to thrive.

autism community training
© Courtesy of ACT

ACT’s training events and videos are presented by respected researchers and clinicians, including those with lived experience, committed to sharing the latest in research and clinical experience. With over 80 video series on a wide range of topics, including toilet training, sleep, mental health, positive behaviour support, Individual Education Plans, and research on timely topics such as neurodiversity affirmation, and much more, we leave no stone unturned and no family behind.

“To me, it is very important that ACT promotes resources that are evidence-based and can be trusted. This enables families and support workers to access quality, valid information that is free and available online anytime, regardless of their geographic location.” — Anne McCaw, Donor, Member, Parent

ACT strives to raise awareness, extend a helping hand, and break the barriers to care and understanding. Our work makes an enduring positive impact, reverberating through the lives of Autistic children, youth, adults, and their families, and will continue evolving as we listen to and learn from the Autistic community and their family members as well as allies, and share the most effective ways to enable Autistic people to thrive through not just personal supports, but societal changes as well.

ACT welcomes everyone and is committed to ensuring equitable access for all events, providing Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioning as well as ASL interpretation whenever possible. ACT also provides access to resources in Chinese, Punjabi and other languages. Bursaries are available where event registration cost is a barrier. Full bursaries are available for Indigenous people/peoples who work at organizations that support Indigenous people.

“Supporting others by sharing knowledge becomes way more accessible when it’s free….[ACT’s] generosity and thoughtfulness will have an impact on the lives of those who need it most.” — ACT training attendee

Visit or call 604-205-5467 now to join our community and access knowledge that makes a difference.

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The mission of ACT – Autism Community Training Society is to provide evidence-based information, resources, and training that benefits autistic people as well as their families, professionals and other community partners, to enable autistic people, to live productive, satisfying lives.


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