Embrace Your Inner Cowboy in Bandera, Texas


Dancing at the 11th st Bar © J. Griffis Smith

In the heart of the Lone Star State, Bandera is a quintessential Texan experience unlike any other. From rich historical attractions to breathtaking outdoor adventures, there is no better place to embrace your inner cowboy—and as the experts would tell you, there’s more to it than donning a hat.

“To be a cowboy is not necessarily boots, chaps, and a hat and belt and stuff like that,” said Honorable Richard Evans, County Judge Bandera County. “Being a Cowboy is an attitude. It is your self-reliance. It is respect. I always tell people that the only thing that changes in Bandera is the date.”

Here are five reasons why Bandera should be on your travel radar this year.

1. Immerse Yourself in History:

Step back in time at the Frontier Times Museum, where the history of Bandera comes to life. Explore exhibits showcasing the area’s pioneer heritage, including cowboy-era and Native American artifacts. For those with a thirst for natural history, the Bandera Natural History Museum provides a fascinating journey through the geological and ecological wonders of the region, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

2. Outdoor Adventures Await:

For those craving adventure in the great outdoors, Bandera has you covered. The Lost Maples State Natural Area is known for its breathtaking fall foliage, offering hikers and nature lovers a picturesque setting to explore. Meanwhile, the Hill Country
State Natural Area boasts over 40 miles of trails, perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Bird watchers will also appreciate the area’s prime location along migration routes, providing ample opportunities to spot a variety of avian species. And when the sun sets, the clear night skies offer an ideal backdrop for stargazing, the perfect end to a fun-filled day.

Horseback riding © Courtesy of Bandera County

3. Two-Steppin’ Good Time:

No visit to Bandera would be complete without experiencing its vibrant music scene and lively nightlife. Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Bar, a Texas Treasure, offers patrons the chance to two-step the night away to the sounds of classic country music. Meanwhile, the 11th Street Cowboy Bar hosts top-notch local bands and national country stars under the Texas stars, providing an authentic honky-tonk experience like no other. And for those with a hearty appetite, Wednesday Steak Night at the Cowboy Bar is a must, where you can grill your own steak over Texas-sized grills and enjoy an evening of dancing and camaraderie.

4. Stay Like a Cowboy:

Immerse yourself in the cowboy lifestyle by staying at one of Bandera’s guest ranches or dude ranches. With offerings ranging from horseback riding to hearty meals and other activities, these ranches have been a popular choice for travelers for over 90 years. Whether you’re seeking a rustic cabin retreat or a luxurious ranch experience, there’s something for everyone in Bandera.

5. Saddle Up for Adventure:

Embrace the spirit of the Wild West with a horseback riding excursion through the rugged terrain of Bandera County. Numerous outfitters stand ready to guide you on historical rides, scenic trails, or even leisurely wagon rides around town. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, there’s no better way to explore the picturesque landscapes and connect with the cowboy way of life.

Discover the timeless charm of Bandera, Texas, the Cowboy Capital of the World—you’ll come home with a renewed love of the land and memories to last a lifetime.

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When you arrive in Bandera County, you will experience a feeling of “getting away from it all.” Enjoy the great outdoors at one of our two State Natural Areas or along one of the top-rated scenic drives in our beautiful Hill Country.


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