Breaking Barriers and Empowering Futures for Students


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Education is the gateway to a world of dreams, and with the Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 Members on the job, those dreams can come to fruition.

Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 was formed to improve the social and economic welfare of its Members, and in compliance with the Human Rights Code, race or creed, sexual orientation, without regard to gender, to promote efficiency in public employment and to manifest its belief in the value of the unity of organized labour.

Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 represents the Education Workers who work within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), Bloorview School Authority, Childcare Workers from Not Your Average Daycare (NYAD), Maurice Cody, McMurrich Sprouts and Childspace, Caretakers from the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), Viamonde French Board and Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS).

Representing over 400 Job Classifications in over 1,000 Worksites, our Members are entrusted with the safety, responsibility, and assistance of delivering quality education to the students and adult learners attending all the schools and or worksites.

Their unwavering commitment to the students they serve and the relentless compassion and dedication they embody are visible in every task they undertake. We would like to thank all those who cared for the students over the summer, all the parents, grandparents, families and guardians during the rain and the heat!

© Pexels/Yan Krukau

As the new school year begins and we return to our routines, students and Education Workers alike embark on journeys of excitement, stress, and anxiety. Students face the prospect of starting at new schools, meeting different teachers and peers, managing new classwork, and navigating unfamiliar routes. Education Workers deal with many of the same challenges, coupled with the constant changes within the education system due to staffing and funding cuts, resulting in fewer resources and specialized programs for vulnerable students who are already at a disadvantage after the summer break. Our Members take it in stride, continuing to deliver as best they can.

Among the challenges faced, nutrition resources in schools are in high demand, and programs are closing at an alarming rate. The rising cost of groceries further exacerbates food insecurities for students and their families, making it a global concern that demands attention.

Through it all, Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 Members remain unwavering in their commitment to delivering quality education. Their passion for their work and willingness to adapt to new challenges serves as the very support system for the busy school ecosystem, inspiring students and colleagues alike and nurturing a learning environment that fosters growth, understanding, and support.

Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 Members are shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation. Stand with Education Workers and share your support!

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Toronto Education Workers/Local 4400 is committed to the health and safety of our Members, Office Staff, Executive, Stewards, Committee Members and Guests


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