Building your best charcuterie board

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Charcuterie boards have become a social media phenomenon. After all, who doesn’t love a good spread of meats and cheeses? To help you build that Instagram-worthy charcuterie board for your social bubble hangouts, check out these tips:

Foundation is key.
Traditional charcuterie boards, whether beautiful wood grain or marble, are nice to have, but aren’t essential. A simple platter, plate, cutting board or even a roll of brown paper – hello table runner charcuterie – make the perfect base. Remember, you won’t see much of it once you start building on your cheeses and meats, so just ensure it’s easy to carry if you plan on moving it.

Select your cheeses.
Try to include different tastes and textures with a variety of cheeses from different families. Cheese can also be served in many ways – including cubed, sliced or placed on the board as a wedge. It’s a good idea to feature at least four cheeses for optimal snacking pleasure. For example, pairing a soft brie with a firm parmesan elevates the flavours of both. It can sometimes be difficult to find cheeses that complement one another, so if you’re a beginner you might want to invest in a pre-made charcuterie kit such as the President’s Choice cheese collection box.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

Include cured meats.
You can’t go wrong with prosciutto, salami and sausage galore. In fact, the best platters have a little bit of everything. However, meat is not mandatory. The salty deliciousness that cured meats bring can be substituted by olives, crackers or even in-season veggies for your vegetarian guests.

Add something sweet.
Where there’s salty, there must be sweet. When selecting fruits for your board, make sure to choose some colourful options. Incorporate fruit that is in-season and easy to grab. Grapes, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are all great options to consider. You can also use sweets to make your board seasonal – for example, a holiday charcuterie board could even feature cranberries and chocolates.

Quick and easy.
If you’re strapped for time or the idea of building your own charcuterie board is adding to that holiday stress, Loblaws has got you covered. With beautifully curated deli and cheese platters available for custom order and pickup, you and your guests will be perfectly satisfied and unsuspecting.


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