Casa Santo Domingo: An Oasis of Art, Culture, and Luxury

Photo © Courtesy of Casa Santo Domingo

Nestled in the heart of La Antigua, Guatemala, lies a hidden gem—Casa Santo Domingo. This remarkable destination is not just a hotel but also a museum and SPA complex. From the outside, it is a sight to behold, with decades of care taken to preserve it.

In 1979, UNESCO declared the colonial city of La Antigua a World Cultural Heritage Site, turning it into a recognized treasure of exceptional value—and one that Casa Santo Domingo proudly puts on display.

Long before it was a hotel, the area was home to The Convent of Santo Domingo, one of Guatemala’s largest and richest conventual areas, housing many friars, novices, and service personnel. The fountain of Santo Domingo, built by Father Felix de Mata, was one of the largest and most elegant of its time, decorated with tiles from Genova. The earthquakes of Santa Marta in 1773 destroyed both monuments almost entirely.

The hotel’s story dates back to 1989, when current owner Diego Castañeda’s father arrived in La Antigua and started buying properties, including a 16th-century convent that had been closed down in the 1970s. The Castañedas, with the help of archaeologists, professionals, specialists, and architects, were able to rescue elements of the Convent and Temple that had been buried in the 1773 earthquakes. They found the buildings rich in history, each a puzzle piece signifying the centuries of culture. This led to the creation of eight museums and two art galleries within the complex.

casa santo domingo
© Casa Santo Domingo

The hotel itself is a thing of beauty, infused with art from the galleries in each room, making every stay unique and enriching. The hotel is not just a tourist destination but also an important part of the local community. Its Mosaico Cultural Program showcases the art and culture of the community, with exhibits that change from month to month to showcase local artists. Casa Santo Domingo is also committed to responsible and eco-friendly practices, including a water-treatment plant, a recycling program, and a ceramic tile factory where every tile is hand-painted.

During the building process, the Castañedas came across many pieces and artifacts, which they carefully preserved to share the record of what was once the Convent of Santo Domingo.

What truly draws visitors to Casa Santo Domingo is the mix of location, culture, food, history, nature, spa, and art. The artistic world in Guatemala is incredible and creative, and the hotel’s staff makes the experience even more lovely.

© Casa Santo Domingo

When it comes to dining, guests can expect a fine dining experience. The hotel restaurant is a food destination in itself, with touches of Guatemalan ingredients inspired by local flavors and locally grown herbs and vegetables.

Casa Santo Domingo is also an international wedding location, especially for destination weddings. The hotel’s event planning team ensures that every wedding is unique and special, with everything planned through the hotel.

Casa Santo Domingo is a destination that offers something unique and special. It’s a hotel that showcases the region’s art, culture, and history, providing guests with an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa vacation, a foodie adventure, or a destination wedding, Casa Santo Domingo has something for everyone.

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