Change for the Better: New habits to keep post-lockdown

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Spending more time at home means many of us have developed new habits or taken up new hobbies. With lockdown rules loosening, you may find your lifestyle changing to reflect a returning sense of freedom. Here are some healthy habits to consider keeping post-lockdown.

Make time for hobbies

Did you learn to bake during lockdown? Take on any DIY projects? Whether cooking more, completing a 1,000-piece puzzle or writing the next great Canadian novel, we all found unique ways to upgrade our skills or occupy our time at home. While it’s tempting to zone out in front of the TV or laptop after work, keep making space for your new activities to help reduce stress.

Practice healthy hygiene

Staying healthy during COVID-19 is often about prevention, which is why it’s so important to remain vigilant about the aspects of your health you can control—like keeping your hands and common surfaces clean.

Having hand sanitizer on hand is a great healthy habit to keep up, even when the pandemic ends. As well, washing your hands after touching common surfaces and taking time to regularly sanitize your home can keep your family safe from infectious germs!

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005 Change for the Better
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005 Change for the Better
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Manage your time

With more of us working from home, it can sometimes feel like we are living at work. Boundaries have blurred between work and personal time, making it important to protect your time and say “no” to asks from colleagues, bosses, and clients that come after work hours.

If “no” became part of your vocabulary during lockdown, don’t be afraid to keep using it when life returns to normal, especially if you’re uncomfortable accepting invitations to social events, patio visits, or family gatherings.

Get cooking!

With restaurants closed, many of us started spending more time in the kitchen.

If you discovered (or rediscovered) the joy of cooking during lockdown, there’s no reason to give it up once restaurant service resumes. Restaurant meals and food delivery services are always a treat, but cooking at home can help you save money and lets you tailor your meals to your taste and dietary preferences.

Stay connected with friends and family

Between FaceTime chats, Zoom calls, and hours spent on the phone, people all over the world were making even more of an effort to stay connected during the pandemic.

Online contact is no substitute for in-person get-togethers, but there’s no need to let your virtual companions fade away once the world returns to normalcy. Continue to keep up with family members across the globe, enjoy virtual meetups and movie nights with friends, and use social media to stay connected with new virtual acquaintances!


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