Corrugated Cardboard: Always So Much More Than Just a Box


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As a reliable and trusted packaging solution, corrugated cardboard provides robust protection and durability while being lightweight. Thanks to the modern innovation of corrugated, products are safely and securely delivered to our homes, businesses, and worldwide every day.

Keeping your products and deliveries safe and secure

While most of us refer to our boxes as cardboard, its actual name is corrugated. Corrugated cardboard is durable but lightweight because it is a multi-layered packaging material with two outer layers of thick liner boards and a middle layer of thin, fluted paper. This fluting provides impact-resistant air pockets that provide structured protection to keep products safe and secure during transportation and storage and while on display.

Even though corrugated cardboard has been produced in Canada since the early 1900s, its use continues to evolve and expand. More than 20 million corrugated boxes are produced daily in Canada, and today, using corrugated is more essential than ever.

Our modern world relies on corrugated packaging to support and safely transport products across our communities and globally. Corrugated cardboard is used for industrial packaging, food packaging, retail displays, shipping materials, home deliveries, and more. It can securely hold heavy equipment, safely carry medical supplies, delicately transport food, protectively conceal the newest technology, from smartphones to laptops, and transport heavier items like your new refrigerator.

corrugated cardboard
© Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association

Innovative and engaging packaging and shipping product

While being a reliable and sustainable packaging solution is essential, so is the ability to use corrugated as an innovative display and marketing tool. Corrugated cardboard is versatile, and manufacturers can easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively produce engaging, high-graphic printing and structurally sound designs.

Through the latest innovations in packaging, manufacturers can customize packaging to market to customers while maintaining product safety.

A renewable, recyclable product

Corrugated is recognized for its sustainable nature with a strong and proven circular economy that ensures corrugated comes from renewable resources and is recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard still has a life after it has been used. Through the actions of consumers, businesses, and institutions, corrugated cardboard is recycled and created into new products. It is important to recycle your used corrugated cardboard so that it can be turned into new packaging.

Because corrugated cardboard is lightweight, manufacturers have lower shipping costs with less fuel and lower emissions, which helps ensure consumers get their packages fast, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Corrugated cardboard: The packaging solution

As your next shipment arrives delivering your pizza, child’s latest toy, TV, or your cat’s new bed, take a moment and consider the important role corrugated cardboard plays around you. It is more than just a box—it is a safe, secure, informative, and environmentally sustainable packaging that delivers your shipment, attracts you to buy a new product, shares important information, and stores and stacks everything you need in your home.

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