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Book Next Summer’s Vacation Now: Croatia © Courtesy of News Canada

Many of us have exotic, trendy locales like Croatia on our bucket list of places to visit. But accommodations, guides and tickets for the most popular destinations and attractions often sell out months before the actual date or season rolls around. To have the most memorable time in fashionable spots, you must plan well in advance.

The main reason to book early is that, if you don’t, you risk missing out. If you were planning a holiday stay with your extended family in a Tuscan villa, many of the choicest locations are booked for next summer already.

The most direct and convenient flight times also book up early. Leave it to the last minute, and you might have to make multiple stops and catch flights in the wee hours.

Many popular destinations have an annual festival or event that draws the crowds. The closer to the date you try to book, the less likely you are to secure tickets to the event.

Note also that most European rental cars have a standard transmission. If you or your travelling partner only know how to drive an automatic and you plan to use a car to get around, you’ll want to reserve one as soon as you’ve confirmed your dates.

Another key advantage to booking in advance is that you can often get early-bird discounts. This applies to everything from your flight to event tickets. Some hotels will offer discounts for booking early, but if you’re looking to do a homestay for a “live-like-a-local” experience, you’ll want to organize that as soon as possible while there are still choice options available.

Finally, the sooner you can confirm all your reservations, the sooner you’ll rest easy knowing that you have a holiday to look forward to. But don’t forget to book time off at work!

© Courtesy of News Canada
Croatia: An Idyllic Summer Destination

In the heart of the Mediterranean, Croatia stands as a jewel of tranquility and rich culture. As the tranquillity dances on sparkling blue waters and the scent of lavender lingers in the air, this summer paradise calls on travellers to immerse themselves in its captivating beauty.

Amid the whispering pines and olive groves, the Croatian coastline offers a symphony of experiences: From ancient towns like Dubrovnik with cobbled streets and terracotta roofs to the murmurs of local fishermen and the gentle lap of waves, inviting you to sail away to remote shores.

Hvar, known for its lavender fields and vibrant nightlife, and Vis, with its azure blue caves, are idyllic representations of the country’s natural allure.

In rustic konobas—taverns or wine cellars—locals and travellers come together to celebrate. As the scent of grilled fish and aromatic herbs fills the air, you’ll understand that Croatia’s cuisine is a journey in and of itself. Taste the magic of truffle-infused dishes, the harmony of freshly caught seafood paired with the up-and-coming local wines and the warmth of traditional cooking.

Whether you’re sipping wine in a vineyard overlooking the sea or stepping back in time in ancient towns, a summer vacation in Croatia combines nature’s beauty with history and culture.


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