Canada Leads the Way with Whole Plant-Based Clean Nutrition for Babies and Kids


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As Canadian parents increasingly seek healthy, sustainable, and plant-based options for their families, Else Nutrition has stepped up to the plate to provide innovative solutions for every stage of childhood. From its plant-based toddler formula to its baby cereal and kids’ shakes, Else Nutrition is committed to helping Canadian families give their children the best start in life.

While the United States has seen a rise in plant-based diets in recent years, Canada is actually ahead of the curve. A 2020 survey found that 53 per cent of Canadians are trying to eat more plant-based foods, compared to only 25 per cent of Americans. Furthermore, a study published in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research found that 6.4 per cent of Canadians follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, compared to only 3.3 per cent of Americans.

Why the difference? According to researchers at Dalhousie University, Canadians are more concerned about the environment and animal welfare than Americans, driving the trend toward plant-based diets. Younger Canadians are also more likely to follow plant-based diets, with 47 per cent of people aged 18-34 identifying as “flexitarians”—people who eat meat but are trying to reduce their consumption.

The trend towards plant-based diets is not limited to adults, as many Canadian parents also seek dairy-free, soy-free, and minimally processed options for their toddlers and children. Else Nutrition’s products meet this need with its unique blend of ingredients that provide complete nutrition for healthy growth and development.

Else Nutrition’s plant-based nutrition is all about “Complete Nutrition Without Compromise.” Their key ingredient combination includes almonds, buckwheat, and tapioca—plant-based ingredients that are easy to pronounce and packed with essential nutrients.

Almonds are loaded with vital nutrients and minerals, such as protein, vitamin E, healthy fats, and calcium, which help support the immune system, strong teeth and bones, and a healthy gut. Buckwheat, a gluten-free superfood, is a great source of B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Meanwhile, tapioca, extracted from the cassava root plant, is an easily digestible source of carbohydrates that adds a smooth texture and a delicious flavour that kids love.

Else Toddler Formula is the best-selling plant-based toddler formula in the United States and is now available in Canada. It is Clean Label Project certified, meaning it has been independently tested for contaminants and verified safe from heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances. The formula uses minimally processed whole-plant ingredients to ensure optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, providing the best start for growing children.

“We’re excited to bring our innovative product to Canadian parents who are looking for safe and healthy options for their children,” said Hamutal Yitzhak, co-founder and CEO of Else Nutrition.

© Courtesy of Else Nutrition

Plant-Powered Parenting

In addition to the toddler formula, Else Nutrition offers complementary food for babies six months and up: Else Baby Super Cereal. It is the first clean-label certified cereal in the U.S. and ensures safety from heavy metals and other harmful substances. Unlike other baby cereals that are primarily carbohydrate-based, Else Super Cereal offers a more complete and balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, providing essential nutrients for growing infants.

Else Nutrition’s commitment to providing plant-based nutrition for every stage of life is evident in its recently introduced plant-based Kids Shakes. Else Nutrition Plant Protein Nutritional Shake for Kids is a complete and balanced nutritional shake made from 100 per cent plant-based ingredients, free from dairy, soy, and gluten, making it a great choice for kids with food sensitivities. It was recently recognized as the fastest-growing product in the “Infant Formula & Toddler Nutrition Drink” category by retailer data aggregator SPINS in 2022.

But why is plant-based nutrition important for growing kids? A plant-based diet has many benefits, including improved heart health, lower risk of obesity, better digestion, and lower risk of certain cancers. Plant-based diets are also rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre, which are crucial for growing children’s health and development.

Children are naturally curious about their food, and introducing them to a variety of plant-based options from an early age can help them develop a taste for healthy foods that will benefit them throughout their lives. Plant-based diets can also help children develop empathy for animals and respect for the environment, leading to a more sustainable future.

Moreover, plant-based nutrition is a great option for kids with food sensitivities, allergies, or intolerances. Else Nutrition’s plant-based products are free from dairy, soy, and gluten, making them safe for children with these conditions to consume.

Else Nutrition’s commitment to providing safe, healthy, and sustainable plant-based nutrition is evident in its full range of products, including plant-based toddler formula, baby cereal, and kids’ shakes. These are now available at major Canadian retailers, including Loblaws, London Drugs, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Sobeys, and online at Choose plant-based nutrition for your family and give your toddler the best start in life.

Find out more about Else Nutrition products at and enjoy 15% off your first order with coupon code “GLOBAL.”

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